A doctor hero who saved two lives

I have worked as a surgeon at a private hospital in our city for 13 years. Many locals know me because I have saved many lives. Millions of adults and children come to the hospital daily. Therefore, there were a variety of events in my practice. Nothing surprised me.

However, I always head to a nearby cafe for coffee on a typical working day. On my way back to the hospital, I observed a woman in old clothes being chased away from the main gate, where seriously ill individuals were being received.

I was immediately startled and ran closer. This stranger looked very unpleasant on top of her unattractive clothing. Her health was also not the best. Nevertheless, I decided to ask why she was being driven away.

“Doctor Choi, you can see for yourself how neglected she is. You do not want her to bring any infection to our prestigious medical facility. There are many respected patients here. I cannot have them seeing that!”

I was outraged and told them that she should be accepted immediately.

“I have already contacted security, and they will remove her from here,” the nurse said, sneering.

Taking a closer look at the stranger, I realized she was pregnant. It was impossible to procrastinate for a moment. I took the woman, placed her on a medical stretcher, covered her with a white sheet, and secretly carried her to an operating room.

I would be willing to assist her, so I called all my co-workers on duty, but no one wanted to help her because they were afraid of being fired. Of course, I was nervous, but I was mainly nervous because I’m a surgeon, not an obstetrician. However, I quickly understood that the woman could not deliver the baby naturally and would require a c-section.

When I encountered this woman, she was unconscious, so to alleviate her discomfort, I administered anesthesia, quickly cut her clothes, and performed a cesarean section. During the surgery, I was approached by my nurse, who heard all the fuss, and she began to assist, not to leave me alone.

Together, we successfully saved the infant. However, the mother remained utterly unaware of what had happened. Everyone, including doctors, nurses, visitors, and patients, rushed to the surgery when they heard the newborn cry. But time could not be wasted, and saving a woman’s life was imperative. However, some doctors volunteered to assist me, and an hour later, the woman became aware of what had happened.

There was loud applause, and at first, I could not comprehend what had transpired due to the speed of the event. After some time, I realized what had occurred. The woman and child were alive and well. I was called to my superior’s office, and as I entered, everyone began praising and thanking me for saving them. 

This was not expected since they were initially opposed. However, I was informed that the local media had written about our clinic due to this case and that our clinic is now a household name.

It was a difficult day, but I am glad I could help another individual and hope they will be able to live everyday life in the future.

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A doctor hero who saved two lives