A drunkеn father screaming and cursing at his kid

Samuel lived in his apartment alone. He had never been able to meet a woman under forty. He had a bride who had betrayed him with his best friend. Having been betrayed by his best friend, Sam was brokenhearted. He desired his family to be large, and he would have three children. Therefore, Sam bought a dog, a Cocker Spaniel, so that he would no longer be alone. Sam named his dog Speed, and he spent more time enjoying the company of the animal. The two became good friends.

When Sam returned from the pharmacy, it was dark, and he was tired. He noticed a man drinking v0dka on the bench with a baby next to him. It was a scary situation for Sam; he wasn’t sure what to do and how to deal with it.

Despite the child’s loud cry, the father did not seem concerned. He didn’t care; he just swore at the kid and kept drinking.

Sam didn’t want to leave it at that. To help them get home, he approached the drunk man and asked where he lived. The drunk guy only scolded him all over when he asked where he lived.

He knew it was none of his business, but this situation didn’t make him feel at ease.

Sam thought he had to come back and help the baby. After all, it’s clear that the baby’s father couldn’t care less what happened to his baby.

Samuel noted that the drunken man didn’t notice the baby shrieking even louder under the bench. He was shocked at what he saw, so he ran to ensure the child was OK.

Sam grabbed the baby and called an ambulance. Since the baby’s scream did not stop but only got louder, he was worried the baby was cold or hungry.

Fortunately, everything worked out well with the baby. He just wanted someone to hear him because he was hungry. The drunken dad lost his rights to the kid. So, the question arose of putting the child up for adoption. In the end, Sam realized he was destined to become a guardian for this boy, so he adopted him.


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A drunkеn father screaming and cursing at his kid