A family affair.

Since our support level is higher than theirs, my relatives see us as their bank, which they use to meet their needs. They kept borrowing money, which they would not return, first the sister, then the brother.

Would you deny something to your family members with whom you have a healthy relationship? Surely not just because it’s blood, the best support we can get whenever we need it. There’s no need to talk about family ties if all relationships are based on material ties, as we’ve experienced.

My husband and I grew up in a small town. Despite that, we’ve always been striving for something better. So, we packed up and moved to the city to look for more income and better living conditions for us and our kids.

My siblings looked at us wickedly, thinking that nothing would work out for us, and as soon as we failed, we’d go back to our town. Initially, we had to save a lot, live in small apartments, and work without days off sometimes. Fortunately, we now have a good job, where we earn a lot of money.

When my husband, children, and I were on vacation, my sister called me. She just gave me dry responses indifferently after I told her where we were. A few days later, I got another call from my sister. We had an unusual conversation because she kept saying that she and her husband couldn’t afford for her sons to go to the sea. She ended up borrowing ten thousand dollars from us. Because it’s my family, and I’d like my nephews to see the ocean, we could loan them this money.

It had been a while since we got home, so I called my sisters to see how they were. We couldn’t reach my sister, but I didn’t care. My brother called me asking for money for a dome in the backyard. It surprised me a bit, but I couldn’t say no to my brother.

Over time, no one returned a large amount of money they had borrowed a long time ago, and when they did, it was only a tiny portion of the money we had lent. The reason was simple: they were reluctant to return the money. Although we owed them nothing, they believed otherwise, upsetting my husband. We earned every penny we have through hard work, so we do not want to give it to anyone. All of them are adults with equal opportunities, but they choose an easier path for them.

As soon as my sister called me again and asked for money, my husband picked up the phone and said we were happy to lend her cash provided she wrote a receipt and went to a notary, to which she hung up.

Initially, I was disappointed with my husband’s response to this situation. Though I realized my children need the same things: a new bicycle for my son, a phone for my daughter, and if my relatives returned the money, we could buy them those things right now. I was glad that my husband helped me end this family relationship based on money.

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A family affair.