A freshly baked mum cried, “Let’s put her back on!”

My husband and I have recently become the parents of a beautiful little girl.
We went to the clinic for check-ups every week. We always did it together. My husband helped me dress my child because I was a little scared.

But once, when it was time to see a doctor, I told my husband to go to work calmly. He dressed our little daughter, wrapped her in a blanket and left.

– What should I do with her so that she does not cry but sleeps; such thoughts ran through my head.

The girl lay quietly for a moment and did not cry. I put her in the car and we drove to the clinic.

We got there calmly. Tina slept all the way. I stopped every now and then to make sure she was okay.
As soon as we entered the office she was not calm anymore. It was necessary to wake up the little daughter, but she felt that something was happening and she woke up by herself.

At first the girl was very calm, she didn’t cry, she looked around carefully, so I calmed down a bit.

Please undress the baby,” the doctor told me.

I started doing it carefully, even though my heart was pounding. I just thought about not crying or screaming.

The examination was short, the doctor said everything was fine. The baby is completely healthy, I don’t see any problems. Age appropriate weight she’s growing nicely. Please report for the next examination in a month, I do not see the need to do it earlier said the pediatrician and we left the office.

I thanked him, but I only thought about one thing, whether Tina would lie quietly.

“Maybe I’ll try to put her to sleep,” I thought.

When we were left alone, my “little mermaid” was turned on quickly.

I got nervous right away. How do I dress you now, how to put on these rompers?

Oh, what am I supposed to do?” Holding on, I hurried out of the office.

When I left, I noticed that the doctor was nowhere to be found, only the sound of footsteps on the stairs.
I ran quickly to catch him. I think I never run that fast before.

The doctor heard that someone was running after him, so he turned and saw that I was very nervous.

“Let’s dress her up as she was before,” I looked at the man, frightened.

Thank God he listened to me and came back to dress Tina.

The time of the little rompers being dressed is over. I was so much happier about that. Tina is already 3 years old and we often remember this story for a laugh. Our pediatrician also makes fun of me sometimes and we laugh at that situation together.

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A freshly baked mum cried, “Let’s put her back on!”