A gift from fate

One morning, when I was returning from the night shift, I was very eager to sleep, so all I could think about was a warm bed and a cup of hot tea.  But near the garbage cans by our house I heard a strange rustling, I decided to see what it was.

When I got closer, I saw a little girl wearing some rags, a blue dress, shabby and dirty.  She looked for something in the dumpster and tried to find something to eat, it was terrible.

I froze for a moment and thought, “Poor baby, she must be hungry and cold.”  The girl looked seven years old, tired, dirty and very thin.

-Hey baby, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.  What are you doing here?  Is an adult with you? The child pressed into the corner and began to sob softly, I thought that I scared her.  I decided to take it with me, warm it and feed it.

Already in the apartment, I fed the girl first, and then prepared a bath for her.

-All right, honey, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, do you have a name? I asked.

-Yes, my name is Abigail, the girl whispered.

Poor thing, she was shaking, I gave her another cookie and put her to bed.  I had a dog, Bob, he liked Abigail right away, he did not leave her alone for the whole evening.  When I put the girl to bed, I saw how thin she was, she must have wandered the streets for a long time.

I stayed up all night wondering what to do. In the end, I decided to call the social services and they would send someone to talk to the baby, maybe she had run away from the orphanage.

While we were talking in the kitchen, Abigail was asleep, but she woke up and came to us. When she saw the care woman, she got scared, ran into the room and hid it under the covers. She didn’t speak.  I called the doctor.

The doctor came very quickly, somehow he made contact with the girl, examined her and found that the girl may have purulent angina.  Her throat was very red and swollen, they decided to take her to the hospital.

The welfare woman brought some children’s clothes with her.  So I put clothes on Abigail and we went down to the car together. She shook my hand and I realized that the girl didn’t want to go.

But they took her.  The car drove away, children’s hands waving at me from the window.  I sat down on the bench and cried.  I didn’t know if I had done the right thing and what should I do.

Why is the world so unfair?  Why do people give birth to babies and then not look after them!  Children are not to blame for anything but must suffer because of irresponsible parents.

Going up the stairs to the apartment, I found a pink bow on the floor, it was Abigail’s hair clip. That’s when I decided I should help her. I went to the store, bought new things for the girl and some fruit.

There were no other patients in the room where Abigail was lying.  The girl was lying quietly and did not want to talk to anyone.  Suddenly she saw me:

-It’s you?  You are here?  I was waiting for you! Abigail said it with tears in her eyes.

I handed her the hairpin, she made a ponytail right away and she was radiant with joy.  I opened the package, I had a lot of goodies in there.  The child began to eat with such an appetite that I became hungry myself, so we both ate sweets.

A week has passed since Abigail was hospitalized.  I came in every morning when I came home from work.  But one day I saw a woman outside, she was drunk, she was holding a bottle in her hand.  Someone told me it was Abigail ‘s mother.  The woman was in prison, then gave birth to Abigail and started drinking.

Once, as usual, I was going to Abigail and she blocked my way and said:

-Where are you going, they took her last night.  They came from an orphanage and took her there.

I didn’t know what to think about it and just turned away, walking towards the exit. I walked through the park. I thought about everything that happened.

Time passed. It felt like an eternity, and it was only four days. I called the orphanage.

-Good morning!  Please tell me how is Abigail?  Is she okay?  her hands were sweating with nerves.

-Yes, good morning.  She often asks about you, you are probably Emily?  You can visit her, I think she will be pleased.  I have to go, someone is calling me, the kids have done something wrong again!

After these words, I was happy and confused at the same time, but it didn’t take long.  I took my bag, went to the supermarket to buy something tasty and went to Abigail.

First of all, I found this care woman who came to me then.  She said that I could visit the girl at any time.

Besides, she said that I can sometimes take Abigail with me, it is enough to take care of a few formalities. I was very grateful to her.

-Good morning!  I was waiting for you!  – a minute and Abigail is in my arms, she hugs and squeezes my hand tightly.

-Shall we go to you?  I really want to go there Abigail looked at me with concern.

-“We’ll be going there soon, your friend Bов is waiting for you, he’ll be glad to see you again,” I said.

-And I will stay with you forever ? Abigail looked at me with hope in her eyes.

As usual, in the morning I come home from work, and there she was my daughter Abigail, is waiting for me, who prepares breakfast for me every day. She knows how tired I am.  She is so grown up, she is 19 years old.

How fast time flies;  It’s been 15 years now, who would have thought that this was how life would turn out.

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A gift from fate