A neighbor wants to rip us off like fools.

Getting tired of city life, we moved to the country. We bought a house near the city. It wasn’t that big. Because there are so few people in the country, we wanted a quiet life without a rush.

One of the neighbors’ houses was owned by a married couple who rarely visited. The other neighbor was an older woman who approached and questioned us right away. There were no limits to her curiosity. We just took the carpets out of the house for cleaning, and she asked at the gate if they were of excellent quality because she wanted to buy them.

On a sunny Saturday morning, my wife and I were awoken by a knock at the door. My neighbor was standing in the doorway screaming that our dog had trampled on her vegetables. She was so angry I didn’t know what to think. My husband and I apologized and said the dog would stay locked in a cage we’d buy.

This was supposed to be the end, but it didn’t turn out as planned.

After we renovated the yard, the woman came back to us complaining that the walls in her house had cracked. Afterward, she stated that we would be sued if we did not fix the walls in her home. We were shocked by such demands.

We explained that her house was collapsing not because of our repairs but its age. Our explanations were useless, and the woman started shouting that she would hire a professional today to figure out the damage to her house. Immediately after, she asked for a bill for the repairs. It would be an understatement to say that we were upset. No one even thought such a thing would happen.

We were harassed for another week by our neighbor. Every morning, she came over and demanded money from us. It was so frustrating, and we wanted to end it all. We just wanted to leave and forget about it. Our search for peace ended in chaos.

One day, a married couple near us showed up and told us this is a standard scheme for a woman to get money. She had taken advantage of people before. Several neighbors left this place because they could not handle the situation.

She didn’t care about morality because she always wanted to benefit herself. She only feared the community leader because he was the only one who could bring her to her knees. So that was the outcome of our journey of searching for a peaceful life in the countryside.

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A neighbor wants to rip us off like fools.