According to our neighbor, our daughter is not related to my husband.

Recently, my friend Kate complained to me that she was experiencing a rough time. She rarely contacted me after having a baby. Suddenly, she called me crying and asking for my help. Kate told me she was leaving her husband. Her remarks surprised me because she said they were always happy. She described her husband as kind and calm. Thus they got married within a year, and they started trying to have kids right away. They have a three-year-old daughter now. When I invited her to the café, she went right in. She tried to retell everything that happened.

She gave birth on a Saturday night. On Sunday morning, as I recall, everyone was already waiting under the windows of a maternity hospital for a young mother and daughter. She was to be named Olivia. Sam was delighted. It was also a pleasure to meet my friend, too. My friend’s mother-in-law joined us. Even though she lived far away and was already older, she still congratulated her. Her parents had already passed away.

Kate was in tears when she entered the cafe. At that point, she was still overwhelmed with emotion. She began to tell her what had happened.

That’s all because of our neighbor. She’s a nosy one. Sam, however, also believed her. One evening we were sitting with our baby, and when Sam came in, he didn’t even look at her. He said he wanted to do a DNA test. I was shocked. At first, I didn’t know what to say.”

“At first, we argued a lot. Imagine our neighbor told my husband that our daughter looks nothing like him. Since I was pregnant at our wedding, the child wasn’t his. I did a DNA test. Today, I obtained a positive result. My daughter is also Sam’s daughter! I threw the paper with the DNA result and left it with the child. I rented an apartment and am not returning.”

Although I tried to calm Kate down, I didn’t want to interfere in such an incredibly crucial decision. Kate should decide for herself.

This is how families are ruined because they are distrustful of one another.

In addition, how can you tell if your child belongs to you based on their appearance? So why should strangers snoop around in someone else’s family? Wonder if this neighbor will feel guilty? People live happily and break up because their neighbors are idiots. Just one statement wrecked this family. It’s as simple as that.

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According to our neighbor, our daughter is not related to my husband.