After that, we don’t lend anyone money

My family is having a hard time making ends meet. There are not enough orders to make furniture, so the wife’s salary is withheld. Beans and rice are our main meals, and we don’t know when things will get better, but we hope they will. We have $1000 on hand, which should last us for a month. But what can you buy with this money when you also have to pay for utilities? There has to be another way to do this.

We know it’s only temporary, but that does not make us feel better.

I couldn’t help but remember we lent money to Irene’s cousin a year ago (even though we don’t talk much, relatives need help). The amount isn’t so significant, about 5K, but we would have no problem asking for it back.

She thought we had forgotten.” I told my wife one day. “Call Anne. Remind her of the debt, and she will not hesitate to pay.”

In the background, I could hear my wife talking on the phone. It was so loud that we had problems and needed money when it started. She requested Anne ask her husband to look for money, and we didn’t have time to wait. 

Suddenly Irene was silent and said, “Oh, why didn’t you say anything. Of course, we’ll wait. I am sorry about that.

I asked Irene when the money would be available, but she replied, “They had a fire because of neighbors, and now they have nowhere to stay. They live with relatives, and the savings that she would use to pay us off were burned.”

I was shocked. I felt sorry for her because she had two small children, and being on the streets was scary. I felt ashamed for asking for money right away. Whatever, we’ll come up with something else and wait.

We drove to the store today to buy some products, and there we met Anne’s husband. He was excited and carried wallpaper, carpet, a lamp, and other items to the car. We thought it was terrific that the repairs were already in progress.

We greeted each other and asked how things were progressing when Oliver, Anne’s husband, said, “I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you? It seems like you two are always shopping. And Anne sent me to the store, and she ran to the beauty salon. And I did some fishing. But what can you say since Anne decided to make small changes in the apartment because she is tired of our filthy bedroom and has decided to freshen it up.”

Honestly, we thought people were in trouble, which turned out to be a hoax. So they need to ‘freshen up the bedroom,’ but no money to return to us? So we’re eating beans and rice, and someone does their hair in the salons? What kind of morals does Anne have?

Irene called Anne, and she told her what she needed to do. It has been a long time since my wife has been so furious. Anne said she made up the story because she borrowed money, and her husband was unaware of it. She hasn’t figured out how to return the money, so she made up the story.

We will not wait outside their apartment door for her if she doesn’t pay us the debt. We will not starve to death, but we will no longer trust people.

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After that, we don’t lend anyone money