Always stick with your gut.

My daughter turned 23 this year, and she gathered all her friends to celebrate with her. All the girls were smartly dressed, with flowers; some brought their kids, others didn’t, but the gathering was supposed to be interesting. My daughter has been married for two years, and she has a baby. She’s not against kids on holidays; she’s happy about it.

I didn’t pay attention to all the guests who came to my daughter Victoria but to the one sitting with a sad expression next to a stroller with a baby.

We all returned home, except the sad guest. My daughter introduced us and told us she’d be staying with us. I didn’t mind; we have plenty of room, and who knows what trouble she’ll get into.

“Mom,” my daughter started, “Nancy has issues in the family, so she and her baby had to leave home. She has no place to stay, so please help her feel at home.”

We could probably solve the problems if we knew what they were, so I asked Nina.

The girl told us a story with tears in her eyes. Nancy lived with her husband and mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law didn’t like Nancy from the start, saying that she didn’t fit her son. She was patient and quiet because she loved her husband, but her mother-in-law didn’t let go. She told her son that Nancy was cheating on him. Her mother-in-law asked her friend Nikki, a local fortune teller, for advice.

I couldn’t believe how it happened that Nancy’s husband took her mother’s side and not her own? Nancy cried and said her mother-in-law didn’t love her, so she packed up, took the baby, and left.

“My husband didn’t stand up for me,” Nancy said as tears streamed down her cheeks. “He didn’t even try to stop me from leaving the house.”

Despite feeling sorry for the girl, I knew a similar story of a psychic who lied to enjoy other people’s woes. My mother used to tell me this story about my aunt Olivia, who could not find happiness until she was 30. She was alone and never fell in love; nothing worked out for her personal life. After suffering for a long time, one of the neighbors suggested she turn to a fortune teller. They said if she closed her eyes, the psychic would be able to tell everything about her husband. Olivia headed to the psychic the next day.

After Olivia returned from the psychic, she ran into the house shouting that my mother had ruined her life with magic. Olivia had a lot of guys around her from a young age, but my mom didn’t, didn’t. My mom wasn’t capable of using magic to destroy her own sister’s life. After she was accused, my mother ran to her friends in tears. However, her girlfriend informed her that the fortune teller was a liar and that everything she said was false. She failed in life, so now she ruins everyone.

Her sister had hurt my mother deeply, and she hadn’t spoken to her for a while. However, she still wanted to prove her innocence, so she headed to the fortune teller in a neighboring town. I think many people wanted to see her, and there were many people in line in front of the psychic’s house. However, my mom just pushed her way in.

Many angry people started screaming and arguing, and when they heard that my mother called the fortune teller a liar, they threw her out of the house. Disappointed, my mom headed home, and on the way, she met a woman with a small kid. My mom asked the woman what happened, and she told my mom her story. She said that the locals don’t like the fortune teller because they know she’s just lying, and she’s a liar who ruins people’s lives and takes their money.

My mother told Olivia everything that happened after she got home, and a month later, my aunt met her future husband. This could be a coincidence or something she believed to come true.

 My aunt apologized to my mother but couldn’t atone for her sins. My mom taught me always to think positively and not follow my crazy thoughts.

“It’s okay, Nancy, one day, your husband will realize what a mistake he made,” I said to Nancy. “Maybe if you tell him my story one day, it won’t happen again to you or your children.”

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Always stick with your gut.