Annoying neighbor

When my parents died, we moved into their house in the country.

In the end, my wife and I had no problem with it. We came here because nature and peace appealed to us after living in the metropolitan city for so long.

My parents built a gazebo near their house where I would enjoy drinking coffee and thinking about life. It is peaceful here; I enjoy listening to the singing of birds and the sounds of the trees, whose aroma is so alluring.

This was the basis of our depiction of rural life.

Previously, the parents did not have neighbors. The neighbor’s house belonged to an older woman who died nearby, but her older brother moved in. The situation did not concern us at all.

That was our biggest mistake.

We sat in the gazebo at dinner one evening and watched funny videos. Our old neighbor dumped straw from his chicken coop on our fence.

As we sat in the gazebo, I told him we didn’t want to breathe in the stinky chicken smell.

Considering we are all humans, I thought that this was not right.

Quite calmly, the old man replied, “I’ll do as I please. I don’t like you doing what you do here either. You listen to music here every day, grill kebabs, and sit around. And you want peace, then give me money every week.”

This response surprised me since my elderly neighbor was pretty quiet.

I didn’t want to cause a fight; I just wanted to come to a common conclusion. It didn’t work out that way. The elderly neighbor was not planning on stopping.

Occasionally, his straw was near the fence. He laughed at us when we asked him to remove it from the fence.

Eventually, my wife and I had to give him money to stop throwing straws from the chicken coop fence.

Our family was glad he didn’t ask for more money.

As soon as I sold the grapes and berries, I handed the money to my elderly neighbor and let him buy his medication.

It was impossible to come to an agreement with my neighbor, so that is what it is.

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Annoying neighbor