Are you willing to be our mom?

In the days when I was a child, my little sister, Amelia, was always getting into mischief. My mom did not want to go to parents’ meetings at school because she knew she would hear nothing positive about her. Nobody at home expected Amelia to help. It was as if we were her servants.

My mother used to cry quietly in her room, but she did not try to convey that to me at all. At first, everyone was awaiting Irina’s high school graduation. The prom was celebrated, but there was no idea what to do after that. The only problem was that Irina would enroll in a community college to study customer service. It would prove easier for Amelia to find employment. At the very least, it would be pretty easy for her to find work. There is a tremendous demand for sellers right now. I suppose that no one would need an employee like Amelia, but we hoped that things would change soon for the better for her.

My mother and I felt that Amelia was becoming too independent, and therefore it would take a while before we faced trouble. As it turned out, the problem did not take long to arrive. After several months of studying, Amelia announced her pregnancy, probably after her second semester. My mother was crying again, and I shouted again at her without responding. I knew that what I had said to her had not reached her by the look on her face.

My mother and I had to accept the gift of being an aunt and grandmother. The future father disappeared as soon as he heard the happy news. My mother and I had hoped that Amelia would leave her mischievous life behind and stay at home instead, but it didn’t happen. How naive we were to think that would happen.

I remember when everything seemed fine at first. My sister Amelia gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She called her Jane. My mother and I made it clear we would never let her live a life of distraction again. My sister was only allowed to leave with her child or attend classes. When she graduated, my mother asked her friends to take her to work at a grocery store. Finally, things looked up. My sister started working, and my mother and I stayed home with my newborn baby.

And here is some exciting news from Amelia, “I’m getting married this month.”

My sister’s husband came to our home the next day and talked about their plans with Amelia. We have already ignored what he discussed, including his business plan and holidays abroad. This is because my future brother-in-law was exactly like my sister Amelia in many ways. He talked and talked and seemed like he had no plan for their life. Later, my sister moved in with her husband, and we even sighed with relief.

There was one thing that made us unhappy, and that was the fact that we were not able to see Jane very often. So after a few days, I called them to find out if my young niece was okay.

Although tiny in size, the newlyweds’ apartment was a decent one. It would not have been a problem but for one detail. Oliver, my sister’s husband, acted very strangely, and in the process of explaining this to my mother, I began making guesses. Certain substances had to have provoked this reaction, but I could not prove this or even assume. We had no choice but to return home.

The years went by, and Amelia gave birth to a second child, a girl. She named the child Martha. My mother and I were about to give up hope that everything had settled down for her. One evening, the doorbell rang. Little Jane was standing by the door. She wept and could not speak. 

Once she had calmed down a bit, she asked me first, “Will you become our mother?”

As if any other explanation were needed, it became clear that the sister was again having difficulties. It turned out that the sister and her husband were operating their “business” in violation of the law. They made money by distributing prohibited substances, and Oliver was still using them. For this reason, we decided not to allow their children to be taken to a foster home to be separated from each other.

Fortunately, my mother and I could bring them home to live with us because the parents were in jail. While they were there, they tried to replace their parents. In a sense, this was a massive relief for us. For years, we have been attempting to protect Amelia, who had no way of supporting herself. We are reducing the time she will spend in jail through our efforts. We hope this will change Amelia’s attitude.

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Are you willing to be our mom?