As a real estate agent, I see how families get messed up

A couple came to our real estate agent to sign a contract. They’re looking for a house like theirs but on the other side of town. As a result, they’re selling their home. As the client was often traveling, all decisions would need to be agreed to by his wife.

For about two weeks, I sent her possible options, and after that, we decided to inspect the property in person. Our first visit to the house ended up ruining their family’s lives.

“It is his best friend who lives nearby. I plan to sign the papers before he returns from a business trip and maybe move here when he returns,” wrote the woman. “He and his friends are like brothers.”

Then I thought she was very friendly and caring. He doesn’t deserve that. There’s nothing warm about him. He’s always on the phone, either calling or texting.

We knocked on the house door and were greeted by a beautiful young girl in a beautiful dress. The client liked everything about the place. Perhaps even too much.

The girl who lives there says she’s selling it because she’s moving to the capital with her boyfriend.

He’ll be here in a minute, and I’ll introduce him to you. And while you wait, let me get you some tea or juice. Then, we’ll talk about all the details.” she said gently.

The doorbell rang soon after that. “Probably her boyfriend,” I thought to myself.

She told her boyfriend, “Darling, we have a client with the real estate agent I told you about, and they are here to talk about our house.”

Upon meeting him, I realized that I was right, and he certainly did not deserve the treatment he was receiving from his wife. After seeing this with my own eyes, it was almost unbelievable to see how painful it was for his wife. My client’s husband appeared to us with a large bouquet of red roses in his hands. My client’s husband was also dating that young lady who lived in the house we came to look at.

After a few seconds of shock, she slapped his cheek and fled the house, slamming the door behind her.

In less than two weeks, my client came to terminate the contract. She said she was divorcing her husband and didn’t need the real estate agent’s services. After her divorce, she wanted to move back to her hometown to be close to her family. The house had belonged to her husband.

This is the kind of work that I do. In my work, sometimes I am working with documents; sometimes, I am working with people whose lives are changing right in front of me.

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As a real estate agent, I see how families get messed up