At 34, I wanted to be a student, but no one supported me

Isn’t it strange how often we give all our internal resources to our closest family members?

They don’t appreciate or remember this at all; on the contrary, they forget. And when you need support, no one understands. Everyone discourages, criticizes, denies. Some give up.

Despite being quiet from childhood, I was very persistent. My older brothers married young and lived next door to my parents’ apartment. They tried hard to convince me to get married.

I rebelled and objected at first, but then a guy my age moved into our apartment complex, and we started talking. We got married, and I gave birth to twins and a son. I’ve dedicated my life to my children and my husband.

I cleaned, washed, ironed, and cooked everything in the house without complaining. My husband was happy, and so were the kids. It was a natural paradise.

My biggest regret is not having more education. I always drew well and was interested in design. That’s why I thought I could do my favorite thing now that my kids are grown.

When I was 34, I wanted to apply to university. Sure, I studied well and would pass the entrance exams. But my husband started a fight with me as if I was incomprehensible. When I told them, they didn’t take it seriously and told me not to make up nonsense. The most exciting thing was that both brothers gave me the same advice. I got admitted to the university, but that reaction hurt.

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At 34, I wanted to be a student, but no one supported me