Babies were screaming on the ground, and their mother was beaten

It was just me, no one, nobody was around. Despite my age, I lived in a rural area, far from civilization, and only had a few friends I trusted. Our neighborhood was populated by mostly wealthy families, although there were also middle-class families.

I’m not a sports fan. I wouldn’t say I like animals either, but a cat came to my house looking exhausted, so I didn’t throw him out. I called him Bobby, so I had a new friend. That cat, however, could not keep still. He sang his serenades all the time.

I felt that he lifted everyone’s spirits and brought a feeling of comfort to all of my neighbors. I didn’t mind that at all.

On one occasion, we walked with him to a store.

It was quiet and calm, but I felt something strange was happening. Bobby jumped into action, and of course, I followed him.

I had to run as he ran fast, even though running was not my forte. Suddenly, I noticed two strange moving things in the distance.

A woman was sleeping beside them, everything seemed bruised, and a bottle was nearby. Initially, I was frightened by the sounds they made, which were hoarse and chaotic. However, I soon realized they were children and that a woman was nearby, her body appeared bruised, and a bottle of alcohol was nearby.

Likely, she did not hear, or perhaps she was sick, or maybe someone killed her. Regardless, I needed to call for assistance. “Why was she lying there?” I thought to myself. “I should check her pulse.” When I first stepped into the room, I heard a snoring sound coming from her mouth. She opened her eyes, breathed, took the baby in her arms, and began talking to me.

I stopped and heard her mumbling. She was in her 30s. She had no family members, no friends, and no shelter. According to her, she went to see friends, but there were few of them. She didn’t mention her husband much. She only said that she had a boyfriend who had left her.

According to her, her boyfriend had a job and was supportive of her. However, when she became pregnant, he just disappeared. She was confused since I didn’t even know his last name. As if it were a dream, he just disappeared. He took all the money and jewelry and vanished without a trace.

She said she had to take out a loan and could not pay it back because she had lost her job. It was helpful that her friends offered to shelter her for a while. Also, she got a part-time job as a janitor.

“So,” she said, “I was homeless and broke. I felt sick one day and got taken away by ambulance.”

She said, “These were contractions. I gave birth.” I was surprised to have twins. I only had welfare payments to buy food and some clothes for my kids. Those were tough days of survival; we didn’t know what to buy, what the soul wanted. Volunteers help us sometimes.”

There were no relatives in prison or abroad. Her parents, whom she didn’t know, lived in a foster home, and both died long ago; life was a struggle since she could not talk about her troubles or let her tears fall on anyone’s shoulder.

Despite this, the kids were always hungry and crying. She couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t close her eyes. Her friends told her to drink red wine to reduce stress. So she did. Homeless people then beat her. The bottle was broken. She lost consciousness and later came to my cat and me.

There is no way I can fit all of that into my head.

After helping her find her friends, I was horrified to see that apartment.

The apartment was tiny and dirty. There were a lot of pieces of burnt cigarettes all around. Everything was old, the refrigerator was empty, and it was disgusting!

I was shocked and could not leave them behind, so I picked them up and took them to a friend who was away. She fell to her knees and began to cry and thank me.

Since I knew she did not have money, I did not ask her for it.

Having become her friend, I helped her in many ways, and she became my constant companion. I felt sorry for her.

I had the privilege of taking her and her children to my home and providing them with the most thorough care possible. She worked hard to raise her children, found a part-time job, and started buying groceries for the family simultaneously. I was blown away when she asked me to be godfather to her kids.

People in the town started talking, saying that this was foolish.

Yes, we all can judge, but not everyone can help!


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Babies were screaming on the ground, and their mother was beaten