Bad relationships are the most significant time wasters

I am most annoyed by lying people who promise one thing and do something else. Then you do not understand how to act. Time is a limited and non-renewable asset. Unfortunately, we don’t value time enough. For example, men invest time with women who never keep their promises. 

I had a classmate who lied a lot. Everything she said was a lie. She hadn’t thought about it; she just improvised right away. Lying was her middle name. And due to her hypocrisy, she was able to hide it.

One day, Vickie met a handsome man. He was kind and had worked for a reputable company for two years. However, no one understood why he liked her. She was constantly talking, selfish, and insincere. Of course, maybe only girls could understand this.

Pete proposed marriage to Vicky after one year of dating. She didn’t waste any time. She had a pretty decent chance of getting married in her first year of university, which was what she most wanted.

In the beginning, things were pretty standard. The couple got to know each other’s parents. The mother-in-law had her wedding salon, so she gave her daughter-in-law a dress. And no surprise, Vicky chose the most expensive one, with a long train embroidered with pearls and precious stones. Instead, Vicky’s parents bought the groom a suit. They picked one with a deep discount. When they showed it to the groom, he asked why the color was not as planned. Vicky said that they chose a high-quality fabric so that the material would last.

During the preparations, their parents worked hard to ensure that their children would be satisfied. Then Pete announced that there would be no wedding. No one was prepared for that.

There was shock on both sides of the family. They tried to figure out if Vicky was lying. They decided to go back home to take care of their daughter. The daughter was crying and sitting on the couch. They began to wonder what had happened. Since Vicky and Pete never argued, they didn’t know what had happened.

Vicky cheated on Pete in the end, as it turned out. When she was with Pete, she had a boyfriend who visited her and lied that she couldn’t get rid of him. She said they’re just friends, and he comes over once for a chat. Unlike last time, Pete saw Vicky for who she was this time. As you might imagine, the parents were shocked. They wished they could strangle their daughter since she had lost such a wealthy and influential groom due to her stupidity.

And so, they asked each other, “Well, what is left now?”.

Then she realized what she’d done. She’d lost her chance to have a family, a husband, a future. Even the dress is going to be gone. Vicky dreamed so much about having it. It’s even worse than losing Pete.

Pete found it challenging to deal with the situation. However, he regrets one thing about the situation. This was a relationship that took a long time to develop. In the end, he could already have a family with someone who would never cheat on him. This was the mistake he made. Now he has to start everything from the beginning.

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Bad relationships are the most significant time wasters