Because of work, she left her daughter!

My wife and I met at work, so it was a business meet-up, but even though we were together 24 hours a day, we still got along just fine.

Everything was fine until a certain point. And that moment was Julia’s pregnancy. I was overjoyed since I had dreamed of having a child for a long time, but her position was higher than mine. Julia was a workaholic, and she didn’t want to sacrifice her job for diapers and nappies.

My wife’s pregnancy was complicated, and she had to stay in the hospital several times. She could no longer work every day, and she had to take sick leave. It was a severe blow to her career since she could not work every day. Every evening after I got home from work, she complained about how unfair it is for women to give birth.

Then her delivery was complicated. My wife’s mental health was terrible. She made constant accusations that she couldn’t do anything she liked because of the baby. She complained she was never at work, losing her qualification, while I could keep my job. It didn’t seem like she even loved her daughter so much.

Overtime at work, my wife and I got to the point where the project she had worked on for a few years needed more employees to be transferred overseas. Our whole team was looking forward to seeing who the boss intended to pick to replace Julia. It was apparent how meaningful it was for her, but I was not prepared for what would happen.

All the participants gathered in the meeting room when the day came when the final decision was announced. My wife and a management representative attended. As you can guess, the next thing that transpired was a disaster. My wife secretly convinced our boss she was the most suitable candidate for this job as no one else was qualified.

The two of us had a difficult conversation at home. While I demanded an explanation for everything, I received only accusations. According to my wife, I intended to take over her responsibilities at work due to her pregnancy. It took a while to believe what I heard.

In July, Julia traveled abroad on a business trip. Although I was tempted to stop her, I decided not to. What I considered to be happiness was just a heavy burden for her. I chose to remain with my daughter. My mother supports us. My wife is currently on her way back from vacation, and I am in the process of preparing the divorce documents. Maintaining a relationship that I value purely for my own sake is a waste of time and energy.

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Because of work, she left her daughter!