Because she didn’t wake him up, he broke up with her

My friend is very picky about his romantic relationships. He always complains about something, and I keep explaining that he isn’t flawless either. James always argued that this wasn’t the case, but sometimes he was too picky about it.

He met a new girl. I was struck by her sincerity, kindness, respect, and cleanliness. They had a good time together for a long time. I was even considering getting married. But one day, he ruined all his hopes and dreams for the future.

At lunchtime, the tired guy came home from work in the afternoon. He wanted to sleep, and he asked Izzie for her help. It was urgently necessary to send vital documents to his boss as early as 4 pm, and he asked her to help him get up. This was an emergency. He couldn’t wait.

Lisa, of course, said yes. James fell asleep so peacefully because he hadn’t been able to sleep for more than six hours. He slept peacefully for some time. Izzie approached her boyfriend at 4 pm, but it would have been a shame to wake him, as he probably wouldn’t sleep if it were so critical. So she didn’t wake him. She walked to cook dinner.

When James woke up, he was pretty angry. I suppose it was to be expected. He could be fired because of that. On the other hand, Izzie had not done anything wrong. All she wanted was for her lover to rest.

However, he could not forgive such a thing. He was obsessed with punctuality, accuracy, and the unconscious mind. So, of course, they broke up. Roma hid that ring. And he doesn’t plan anything anymore until he has an intimate relationship with that person.

However, isn’t he too picky about what he wants?

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Because she didn’t wake him up, he broke up with her