Children were taken away from their parents

These days, two children were transferred to the shelter: Ann, two years old, and Evan, seven years old, a sister and a brother. Ann wanted to return home, so she phoned her parents and asked them to bring her favorite teddy bear, with which she fell asleep constantly. Workers were not able to make contact with her. 

The social services brought them in after their father’s employer reported abuse of children.

That was strange, though. They came from a good family: their parents cared for them, providing them with food, clothing, and education. Evan participated in dancing competitions and was an honor student at school. Ann stayed at home under her mother’s care. 

Last week, the family celebrated their father’s birthday at home. They brought fantastic performers for the children to have fun and not be bored. They had a festive table; the holiday was mainly loud and bright. Of course, many family members and friends drank a few glasses of red wine to cheer up. Their father did not show up at work the next day because he overslept.

No one could reach him on the phone in the morning, and the director visited him unexpectedly. 

“What is it? Why aren’t you at work? Why do you look that way?”

When he opened the door, the manager saw the bottles on the table.

“Seriously? Do you drink? What’s the matter? A drunk man cannot be near the kids! They need to be taken to the foster family.”

Peter, the children’s father, did not feel well, but it was not his fault. He had food poisoning from a salad spoiled in the sun. He ate it all by himself. Consequently, he was sick the following day, and he did not show up at work. But the director could not understand the children’s father; he called him several more times and stopped by again. This time his wife disposed of the bottles in the trash.

The following day, a social services inspector visited them. They did not verify how accurate the tip was but took their children out of the house and brought them to a shelter. Later, the shelter management could not comprehend what had happened because the children looked taken care of and well-groomed. They were wondering why they were there.

Because of this situation, parents needed time to gather the necessary documents to take their children back home. They had to prove that they had a happy family. Senior inspectors and law enforcement officers visited children’s home frequently, inspecting almost every corner of their place. After the examination, the inspectors could not understand why they brought children to the shelter. If the children lived in excellent living conditions, they could not come and move them to the top after one call. The refrigerator was packed with food; cabinets were full of children’s clothes and shoes. In general, all conditions were ideal. The father received a substantial paycheck, which was enough for the entire family’s needs.

After a careful examination, the senior inspector realized that her subordinates had made a big mistake by taking those children away from their parents. Later, she fired the employee who had visited that family for the first time. She made her decision by visiting them only once. The children were later returned to their parents. Their father soon found a different job with good management, but he kept his personal life separate from work.

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Children were taken away from their parents