Chocolate is the reason for divorce

I’d say marriage is a pretty solid foundation. What could go wrong? A lot of things.

There’s more to it than meets the eye. Chocolate, for example, can be a contributing factor. Could it be that way?

That’s precisely what happened to Nataly’s family. She was a beautiful young woman. She was 26 years old. She had two sons at the time. Dan was six years old at the time, and Alex was three. They were both active, sincere, kind boys, but, like everyone, they also liked to have fun. Nataly also had a beloved husband to whom she was very close. His name was Michael. Their family was big and happy. Nobody is perfect, but they’ve always had love between them.

There was no sign of trouble one evening. Kids were playing. Nataly worked at her computer in the kitchen, and Michael rested in the living room.

Dan tripped and dropped a glass of chocolate when he caught up with Alex. It irritated Nataly, but she kept it to herself and didn’t want to make up for her son. After finishing her work, she asked the kids to leave the kitchen. They didn’t listen. Nataly asked Michael to roll up the carpet so that they wouldn’t spread chocolate on it. And she began to look for a mop.

Michael, however, did not show up. To express her displeasure over his behavior, she cried again. When her husband approached, he said it could wait until tomorrow. Then Nataly exploded. They’ve never fought like that in nine years of marriage.

All evening, they didn’t talk to each other. He went to work the next day, but the carpet stayed in the kitchen. Nataly found and rented an apartment during this time, packed her things, and moved in with her kids. A week after they stopped talking, her husband filed for divorce. She was furious. And that’s how they split up.

We don’t always say what we think. It’s funny how the little things get missed. It’s not always so easy. It adds up over time. Any excuse makes us snap.

Another family split up because of unspoken problems.

Chocolate ended up being the reason for the divorce, though.

Do you think it was worth it?

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Chocolate is the reason for divorce