David and I got married over a year ago, but we had a dozen scandals because of his jealousy.

As a wife, I have difficulty explaining why I don’t give my husband an explanation for anything or anyone that I do because he is pathologically jealous of me for everything and anything I do. It isn’t very comforting for me. But his jealousy takes things too far, so I often run away to my parents. And every time I return, he runs to me with an apology. I forgive because I love him, but it becomes increasingly difficult as time passes.

During our relationship, my husband and I dated for approximately six months before getting married, and during that time, I didn’t notice anything unusual about his behavior. And I’m not sure if this love blinded me, but I found him well-behaved during romantic dates. He gave me gifts, confessed his love for me, and met friends and family. This has become quite normal in the lives of many couples.

Since this was the case, it is not surprising that I accepted without hesitation when he proposed to me. As I was preparing for the wedding, I was delighted that my beloved husband and all the members of my own family were everything I had ever dreamed of.

At first, everything seemed fine with my lover until I noticed strange things behind him. Sometimes he would remark as though he had accidentally read my text messages. He acted like he was taking the phone to me, and it was on. Then I realized that an app had appeared on my mobile phone. This app transmitted information about my location to my spouse. He assured me it was just for my safety because now was such a hectic time. Then, he began to listen in on my phone conversations and often visited my office. He claimed that he just wanted to have lunch with his wife, while at the same time, he watched my male colleagues and spied on them.

About six months ago, accusations and scandals began to arise. Screams and quarrels are guaranteed if I stay at work or with friends. As a result, I packed up my belongings and returned home to my parents out of resentment. David buys a gift and runs to reconcile, and I forgive him every time. Sometimes, during such disputes, I think that he is capable of hitting me. Fortunately, that does not happen. 

There is no way I can tell if he is trying to restrain himself or incapable of doing such a thing. But he is exerting moral pressure on me, which is visible to everyone.

It was too much scandal this time. David even called my friend to determine if I was with her in a cafe or if I was cheating on him. I reached out to my mother for advice, and my mother started to convince me to leave him. I hesitate because I discovered I was pregnant a week ago, and he does not know yet. And I wonder whether it is worth the struggle to save the marriage because despair is overwhelming at this point.

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David and I got married over a year ago, but we had a dozen scandals because of his jealousy.