Despite promising us the apartment, my parents won’t move out

When the youngest daughter was born, living with my parents became too crowded. Two rooms did not give us enough space.

Children should be striving hard for a place of their own and provide for their family’s comfort. However, my parents have a second house. They have a three-room house with a large courtyard and garden outside the city. Of course, they will have to invest in repairs, but the fresh air and forest are healthy.

After we got married, we decided to live together with my parents for some time.

“Let’s live together for a while longer, and someday we will go back home,” said my mother.

After my mother worked for several months, the parents planned to move and leave the apartment.

My wife and I live together without arguments. We had our first child, and everyone was happy. My parents work in the city almost all day. My parents are at home only in the evenings and mornings; I work all the time, and my wife is always at home with our daughter. So we put up with it.

I paid all the bills. As I earned a decent living, I decided not to take money from my parents. Utility bills, a large percentage of the food costs, all of this we took care of together with the help of my wife. It is interesting to note that my parents didn’t argue with us very often. They may have found this option to be convenient as well.

After the daughter started to walk for the first time, the first misunderstandings occurred.

After our daughter tripped over the rug and fell for the first time, my mother accused us of not caring for her. “There are so many dangers around,” she said. 

Even though our daughter tried to walk independently, she did so cautiously and was scared. And on top of that, my mother taught our daughter constantly. We did our best, and my wife even tried to correct my mother-in-law to show my mom we were first-time parents. But it has been fruitless so far.

It was incredibly frustrating when our parents tried to control the money we spent.

Whenever my mom saw something new in my granddaughter, she’d say, “There are so many clothes, and she’s growing so fast.”

“It seems like your wife always buys some kind of exotic fruit, and it is not necessary to feed the small children with exotic fruits of this kind,” grumbled Dad while my mom tried to vary the children’s diet with healthy food.

I have witnessed how painful it can be when my wife tries to communicate all objections to my parents without getting into a significant argument at the same time.

I’m happy to tell you that my wife is pregnant again. We had hoped that this would push our parents to leave us, but they only congratulated us. Their lives haven’t changed at all. They keep their everyday lives.

We hoped my parents would be able to help my wife take care of the child if they weren’t talking about moving yet. Although our daughter is very active, caring for a child all the time would be difficult and costly for my wife, but ultimately it fell on her shoulders. Dad and Mom were still worried about themselves.

My parents did not move into their spacious house when we became parents for the second time. The reason was trivial. Maintaining a house costs more than an apartment. And they got used to the city. However, the apartment we live in now does not require repairs, while their house does.

Then, like thunder on a clear day, they told us to leave. I could not even get the words out right away. I could hardly believe what I heard from my parents!

I still haven’t told my wife, and I’m thinking about it. We had invested a considerable amount in renovations for the apartment. We were promised that the apartment would remain ours after investing so much money in these renovations. My parents want me to move to their house and fix it before letting me move in. Of course, I owe my parents everything, but I can’t stand deception. I’m not sure if I can trust them entirely after this. 

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Despite promising us the apartment, my parents won’t move out