Divorcing my wife for a new one was a mistake.

During the ten years that we have been married, we have had three children, a son and twin girls. We got married in the first year of university, so neither she nor I had a serious relationship. Looking back, I realize I was happy with Samantha, even though I did not understand it.

However, I thought family life was incredibly dull and uninteresting; I realized my fault when I realized my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances were bachelors. They rest wherever they wish, whenever they want to, and with whomever they wish. They have new girls, new impressions, and the opportunity to do whatever they please and not worry about someone’s opinion, while my life was monotonous and uninteresting.

Samantha provided excellent care for our children, cooked delicious meals, and cared for me and the house. As if everything were fine, what more could I ask for? However, each day was the same as the last.

I also blamed the fact that I had never been in a serious relationship before meeting Samantha. I had nothing to compare with and began feeling like I had lost everything.

I remember about a year ago when my friend and I went out for a beer after work to enjoy the company of others. I immediately noticed Maria at the following table. In addition to being stylish and young, she had a friend and was open to communication. My friend and I joined them around the table, talking. At that point, I completely forgot that I was married. Then we began dating.

The truth is, I have lied to my wife more than once, telling her that I worked on weekends while I used to spend time with her. I have even lied to her in the past that I was off on business trips while I was supposed to spend time with Maria.

My relationship with Maria was very different from my family life; I gained new experiences, emotions, and places to visit, and I was constantly relaxed. I no longer worried about domestic concerns such as grocery shopping or taking my son to soccer games as I began to live for myself alone.

Maria used to please me with romantic dinners and passionate nights, as well as taking me on vacations. Instead, I gave her expensive gifts. Samantha and I even planned to buy a house near the city, but that plan was abandoned when we met Maria.

When it became apparent that I could no longer live with two families, I decided to speak to Samantha and leave her in peace. My wife had long suspected I had found another woman, but she was trying to save the family. I just began living happily again, as I thought at the time.

As it turned out, life with Marina was not so happy. I did not have a delicious dinner in the evening; I ironed my shirts and cleaned at home, while Maria headed to beauty salons and restaurants and met with friends. The only thing that united us was that she had access to my credit card and spent large amounts on herself. Furthermore, she was very dissatisfied that I gave my ex-wife and children significant income.

After living together for six months, I noticed that Maria had changed. She reacted more aggressively to me, often stayed out late with friends, and would not pick up the phone when I called her. Then, she informed me that she had met another man and was moving to his mansion. He earned more and could provide for her more.

Ultimately, I realized that my life with Samantha was pleasing, but I was experiencing new emotions and unique impressions with Maria. And that’s when I realized my life with Maria was something new.

I believed that I could atone for my guilt before my ex-wife and she would take me back. I began paying attention to Samantha again, going out with her on dates and apologizing for my sins. I missed her and the children, and I was lonely.

I lived for a year in hope. And my wife took pity on me and gave us another shot. Of course, we’re still trying, but I’m already happy. Time heals most wounds, and I hope it will heal the wounds on my wife’s heart, and she’ll love me again.

Everything will be fine-tuned over time as long as we communicate more like friends.

Are you of the opinion that that is a wise idea? Is it worth the sacrifice that Samantha had to make to forgive her husband?

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Divorcing my wife for a new one was a mistake.