Does a wife have to do everything after she gets home from work?

As I took off my shoes, I heard a voice from the couch in front of the TV. “I’m just hungry,” he said.

Given that there are five family members, I know I will have to prepare a big dinner. I have become weary of doing all this, which is difficult to describe.

My body and mind were both tired after working all day. I am a vice-principal at the school where I work. Schedules need to be made, lessons need to be taught, substitute teachers need to be replaced when they are off, conflicts need to be resolved within the team, and children scream throughout the day during breaks. I feel that the children’s constant shrieking could potentially bring down the walls of the school one day if they continue to scream so much.

My husband’s job is in a media agency. It is evident that he earns more and provides for his family. Although we have a regular budget, I only spend money on meaningful things for my family, even with all that. This is unlike some women who have the luxury of spending their salaries on flashy items. The only thing that saved us from starvation during the pandemic was my salary because my husband’s job is seasonal and depends on the circumstances.

No matter what, I do not complain about my husband; he is a kind man to me: he is loving, caring, and does not drink alcohol. He also takes great care of our children, and we have regular family vacations. My only responsibility is to take care of the household. I consider this too much, given that I am responsible for everything myself.

My day begins at 5 am with breakfast for the whole family, laundry, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, and ironing clothes, then I head out to work at 7:30 am because if I leave home later, I’ll be stuck in traffic until 10 am. At 5 pm, my working day ends, and I head home with notebooks and magazines for my students.

Then I go to the supermarket, and no matter how many groceries I buy, they don’t last more than a few days. That’s why I go there every day. Then I come home. Of course, there is no time to catch your breath. I change into my home clothes and start cooking dinner, after which I must deal with piles of dirty dishes that grow. To ensure it’s clean, I wash everything at once, then wipe the stove simultaneously, which had been dirty with greasy splashes from someone else’s cooking (probably fried eggs again). I then clean the kitchen again. Then I take a shower to prepare for the next working day. Finally, I check my students’ notebooks.

Before retiring to bed, I usually have an hour to watch my favorite shows in the evening. Weekends are the only time I can afford to wake up at 8. But even then, everything is in a circle. And before the holidays, the epic cleaning and cooking will happen again.

In my husband’s workday, the day starts at 9 am and ends at 4 pm. Sometimes all this time is spent at home on phone calls or video meetings using Zoom. If we go on vacation, he will not be available to us for the entire time.

We work in different ways, and each job has its challenges. Despite this, nobody regularly helps me with the house chores: my children are still relatively young, and my husband no longer considers household chores a man’s responsibility. “If you need something fixed or cleaned, let me know. That’s my job.”

Many people say that I should ask my husband to help me with the household chores as I should not have my job and also manage to be a nanny and a housekeeper at the same time.

What should a woman do if she has a full-time job and takes care of all the household chores?

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Does a wife have to do everything after she gets home from work?