Don’t tell my son anything about me since I don’t owe him anything

“Don’t call me. I don’t want to hear anything about Andrew. I owe you nothing.” Gabriela shouted into the phone.

“It’s your son, and you have a responsibility to him,” Sam answered. “You can’t get away from us.”

“I have a new family, and I don’t want to listen to you anymore. You are taking all my energy away, and now you want more money? I’ll make you pay for it!” Gabby was furious.

Sam replied, “Should we not take it? After all, you forgot I never asked you for anything, but you have to pay child support to your son. So, we’re waiting for that $400.”

In her anger, Gabby threatened Sam, wrote threatening messages to the child, and quarreled under the windows of Sam’s house. All the neighbors knew that Andrew’s mom had abandoned him.

Gabriela’s reaction was simple; she left the child with her husband when she was two years old and left. She did not simply quit, but she found a lover and abandoned the child, not seeing or calling him.

As a result, Sam made no demands from Gabby because he planned to raise the child independently. But, after he thought about it, he decided why she should live as if nothing had happened, and the child should suffer? Let her pay child support so Andrew can have it when he turns 18.

In addition to requesting child support, Sam wants his mother to allocate money for the child’s vacation since the boy has asthma and needs to go to the sea. Sam could afford the trip himself, but he wants his mother to ensure that he is taken care of. Once when there would be no money and a second time when Gabriela felt sorry for her eldest child. There are two more children in her new family, but she is not poor.

The law holds both parents responsible for the child as a matter of law, and Sam constantly reminds Gabby of this. However, every time someone makes a scandal around them and says the child is in the past, Gabby refuses to see them and doesn’t need her child at all.

“Stop telling Andrew that I owe him something. He’s an adult, and I need to realize that I don’t want to see or hear him.” Said Gabby.

Does this sound normal to you? Do you think a mother could give up her child so quickly? I believe that both parents should be able to look after their children. Having a new family does not mean giving up the child you had with your previous spouse. Even if you don’t want to see the child, you need to care for it.

There is no reason for children to suffer because of the selfish actions of adults. Is this not the case?

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Don’t tell my son anything about me since I don’t owe him anything