Emma lost money because of her long tongue

I have a daughter who is almost three years old.  She does not go to kindergarten yet, but we try to teach it at home: we build with blocks, learn colors, animals, shapes, read books, listen to music and do household chores.  I am convinced that such classes will benefit my Olivia and later she will fully show all her skills and talents, although now she still does not speak much and I am a little worried about it.

My husband has a younger brother, also married and raising a son who is our daughter’s age.  We are not too close with them, we live in different cities, we see each other very rarely, we do not have common topics, but different views on life. I am calmer and more closed, my sister-in-law likes to talk.  But my mother-in-law, although she lives with them, visits us often, she comes to visit us and her little granddaughter every few months.  Thank God I have a great relationship with her: I can ask her for advice, leave my daughter with her and take care of various things, go shopping together and have a coffee.

One day my husband told me that his brother and wife would be in our town and stay with us for a while.  Maybe that’s good Olivia will meet her cousin, maybe we’ll like each other more.  Especially since we are always happy to see our guests and it is a nice change for the upbringing.  I thought I was going to have a new friend.

They came, Their son Jackson is livelier, more talkative, and my Olivia, just like me, calm, reflects on each step.  This was one of the reasons for our conflict Emma, my husband’s sister-in-law, was constantly trying to change my daughter.  “Look when Jackson jumps”, “Why are you so slow, how will you manage at school?”, “You don’t know all the letters yet?”  – This is not the entire list of Emma’s “pearls”.  My husband didn’t notice anything, or he felt so comfortable, but my nerves were on the verge of exploding.  I am not a conflict person, but if someone brings me to extremes, I may not stop myself and “break the silence”.

Emma was inconsolable, she was constantly trying to compare my child to hers.  At the beginning, I said softly that I did not want to listen to her comments.  But I still held back from saying too much and thought maybe I was winding it up.  But one sentence just upset me.

– Isn’t it hard for you with Olivia?  So good that Jackson is fit and healthy.  I feel sorry for you, sick child, what a burden it is for the family.  Emma said maliciously.

At the beginning, I tried to calmly explain that each child has its own character and temperament, but my arguments did not work, and only added fuel to the fire.  And then I realized that I did not want to see, hear or tolerate such guests in my house – I said everything I thought about her, about her attitude towards my child, and told her without embarrassment to either be silent or leave my house.

And it worked… almost.  She didn’t talk about the kids anymore, but tried to catch me up in a different way:

The in-laws will give us four thousand for the holidays.

–  And they didn’t promise you anything?  It’s strange, I thought you had a good relationship with them.

The atmosphere in the house deteriorated with each passing day.  And although our guests were to stay another week, I couldn’t take it.  Husband found a good hotel for them, which they moved to the same day.  They didn’t even say goodbye.  And I wasn’t very sad about it.

When life returned to normal, my mother-in-law called me, her voice was concerned and clearly nervous.  I realized immediately that something had happened.

–  Why didn’t you say that Olivia has health problems?  Maybe we can find other doctors, a hospital or a suitable kindergarten?  There has to be a way out.  The mother-in-law cried.

To say I was surprised is to say the least.  But I didn’t immediately understand what was going on.  It was, of course, Emma’s plot. This is how she took revenge for my hospitality.

I reassured my mother-in-law, told her about my daughter’s progress, that she was developing well, doctors had no objections to her.  It’s just that it’s just her character,she is a very calm girl.

I am very happy because Emma said that due to Olivia’s bad behavior they moved away from you. She was afraid that it would have a bad effect on Jackson.

And here I “broke”, I told her everything that happened between Emma and me.  And I wasn’t hiding my emotions at all.

What a liar.  But how it occurred to her to say something like that.  How to not be  ashamed of her.  And I was already drinking herbs to calm me down and I was afraid that my father’s heart would hurt, I didn’t tell him anything.  It’s good that everything has become clear.

We talked for a while longer and we said good-bye.  And the next day, my mother-in-law transferred 4,000 to Stan’s bank account.  We called my mother immediately because we didn’t understand any of it.

This is for you for renovation, I know that you have been planning it for a long time, and you still short on money.  We wanted to give Emma a vacation, but you need it more. After all, you have a “difficult” child the mother-in-law joked.

We insisted they take the money back, but to no avail.  We decided to give them back the money when we seen each other again, because for the in-laws it is a significant amount.  But when my mother-in-law came to visit, she did not want to hear about anything, she ordered us to spend money on living and extra activities for Olivia.

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 Emma lost money because of her long tongue