Freelancing is like computer entertainment, according to my friends.

Helen worked as a sales manager for about five years before taking maternity leave. Because she had an extensive network and customer base, she decided not to stay at the office and work from home.

Helen enjoyed working from home because she didn’t have to wear heels or uncomfortable suits. This meant that she could spend more time at home and with the baby. Consequently, the mother decided that she would not return to work after her maternity leave but instead continue working from home. Everyone thought that this job was just a computer game for fun.

Elena and her husband lived in a new building, so many neighbors had kids. She became friends with some of them. She lived next door to Faith, who had four-year-old twins and a one-year-old baby. Faith’s husband, Nicolas, became good friends with Elena’s husband so that they could talk on family nights.

As soon as Helen started working from home, Faith asked her to watch Oliver while heading to the clinic with her twins. She said no problem. Over time, Faith gave Helen more and more tasks, so Helen found it difficult to multitask. Faith, at one point, asked Helen to take her children to a clinic because she could not deal with it alone. Helen declined the neighbor’s request because of her busy schedule, but Faith insisted. She hung up when Helen refused.

In the evening, Helen’s husband came home and told Elena about his friend Nicolas who had just called. Helen didn’t agree to help Faith, who had tons of kids, said Nicholas. Helen’s husband told his friend that just because their families didn’t understand that Helen was busy, it didn’t mean her job was just fun.

Helen was upset with her friends because they didn’t care about anything but themselves. They ignore the fact that Elena has no time for breakfast sometimes.

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Freelancing is like computer entertainment, according to my friends.