From now on, I won’t feel sorry for strangers’ kids

I’ve been doing kind things with my wife for a long time. Since we married six years ago, we’ve done many things together. We just moved into a new apartment and don’t have kids yet doesn’t stop us from wanting them one day. Since we moved into our apartment several months ago, we have been swamped doing good causes. Or did good reasons find us?

We have a dysfunctional family living down the street, including both parents and their young daughter Izzy. Both parents are alcoholics, and she is seven years old. She is a kind and obedient young lady, bright and very independent.

My wife had always pitied her, and I did not object to it. To avoid constant quarrels and scandals at home, Izzy ran away and left her family behind one day.

Izzy used to sit on the sidewalk late at night. Therefore, my wife Isabella invited her over and treated her to a hot bowl of soup or just tea and cookies. The girl told us about her school and friends. Izzy was lacking positive parental involvement and had become desperate for attention.

At times, I was concerned about this relationship with a neighbor’s daughter. However, it must be noted that she is not our kindred, and her parents are unaware of this relationship.

At the outset of our conversation, the girl told us her parents were reasonable in that they love her and care for her. Unfortunately, there are times when the situation is complicated because neither dad nor mom can find a job.

After that, Izzy started visiting us more often. If not every other day, she would come every day. When my wife found out, she became worried. Perhaps their family situation was getting more complex, and Isabella forgot about our family taking care of the neighbors.

Nothing seemed to happen the other night. Likewise, nothing happened the following night as well. Over the week, she came to visit us every day. Izzy was quiet and innocent, but I noticed that some of my things were missing a few days later. Then I learned that my wife’s jewelry was also missing.

Our intuition told us that it could be Lizzy’s parents tricking us out of the money. So, we naively decided to speak to them. A man and a woman with low voices came out of their house. And instead of listening to us and apologizing to us, the two of them started to fight. The couple seemed to be using drugs, and they acted up, shouting. Once we realized what was happening, we suspected they were the ones who had stolen from us.

No one will help us here, and we shouldn’t apologize for our actions. Should I call the police? But we had no proof, so what would happen? We would have to pay the fine for the wrong police call, and the family will retaliate. There was no reason for us to cause trouble.

You have to learn from other people’s mistakes, so never commit the same mistake again. After all, my wife and I have decided to have a baby. After all these years, we have decided not to feel sorry for other children anymore.

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From now on, I won’t feel sorry for strangers’ kids