Grandfather forbids grandson to eat pears

The same thing happens to my friend every year, which worries her a lot.

Alice is 35 years old, and she is married for the second time. She has an 8-year-old son Alex from the first marriage, and a daughter Gabby from the second marriage, who is now three years old.

On weekends, the youngest child visits her grandmother’s house in the suburbs, who also happens to be Alice’s mother. Her name is Mrs. Hanninen. Alice’s husband also visits Mrs. Hannien on the weekends about once a month. Sometimes Alice’s in-laws also come to see Mrs. Hanninen.

The oldest child visits his father and parents in the summer. He seems to be happy and cared for, but there is one problem: His grandfather forbids Alex to pick pears and eat them. Each pear is worth money after the grandfather sells it. Alex’s grandfather stands by this argument, even though there are a bunch of pear trees in his garden and the fruit falls to the ground most of the time. Even though his grandson loves pears so much, he doesn’t think sharing pears with him is good.

It gets pretty bizarre because the grandfather sits on a chair and keeps an eye on his grandson to make sure that he does not run into the garden. Sometimes he falls asleep in the garden and snores all over the yard and the house.

There are times when the former father-in-law does not have the time to harvest the whole crop, and the fruit falls to the ground and rots. However, this is not a reason for him to share with his grandson.

This was not the first time this had happened, even when Gabby was still a daughter-in-law.

Alice buys pears at the market and brings them to Alex to eat, so he doesn’t get sad.

She says she wouldn’t have brought her son there if it wasn’t for her relationship with her ex and the child’s desire to be with his dad.

The boy is used to such treatment, but sometimes he manages to fool his grandfather, and he still indulges in one or two pears. Alex’s grandfather isn’t that terrible. Sometimes, he spends the money he earns at the market to buy Alex a treat.

Would you like to share your thoughts about Alex’s actions with me? The grandson is allowed to eat strawberries as much as he wants. Because of that, it’s impossible to say the grandfather is penny-pinching, but the child is still unhappy.

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Grandfather forbids grandson to eat pears