Having children would ruin my life

Until then, I had never had a challenging situation in my life.

I met my wife in my first year of university. We were classmates and attended lectures together every day. I was immediately attracted to her. I approached her a few weeks later and started talking to her. From there, our relationship took off.

After finishing my second year, I proposed to her two years later when I realized this was the person, I wanted to spend my life with. I expected her to jump and kiss me in joy when we engaged. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead, it seemed that my gesture did not affect me whatsoever on her. Although she agreed, she had no emotion. Despite this, she requested to wait until she had completed her studies at the university. Her parents did not want her to be distracted from studying. This is why she did not introduce me to her family members, and she kept telling them that she did not have a boyfriend.

After graduating from university, we got married a few weeks later. Immediately after getting married, she started working on building a career. On the other hand, I come from a family filled with children. From my parents, I learned that the most influential people in the world are the ones who wait for you every day. I always dreamed of loving and raising at least three children with the person I love most.

It always seemed that my wife was only interested in her work. After working all day, she came home with a suitcase full of papers and worked until midnight. In those rare instances when we could stay together, we would often go on a trip or plan where to go in advance.

Our relationship has lasted thirteen years now, and we are delighted together. Luckily, both of us are successful, and we both have money to spend on anything and everything. We both have a house, two cars, and a bank account.

However, I cannot say that I have realized my biggest dream. Whenever I talked about having children, my wife would get very upset. 

When I talked to her a while ago, she answered no, and I did not believe her. It’s like she doesn’t get what I’m saying. She said that we had just graduated from university, didn’t have a job, money, stability, and were too young to have kids. 

My wife told me, “I just started making plenty of money, and then I’d take maternity leave, and I’d lose my job. That’d be silly. Once we reach the top, we can travel the world and have children later.”

I replied, “I think she’s right. Maybe if I stop pushing her with my pregnancy talk, she’ll want a baby or get pregnant accidentally. We should schedule more romantic evenings.”

In a hurry to find an official document, I found pills far from other medications in the bathroom cabinet. Once I looked them up online, I discovered they were contraceptives.

Before talking to my wife, I needed to take some time to calm down. We raised our voices in a loud, angry tone as we spoke. 

In the middle of the argument, she said: “I never wanted children! I dreamed of owning my own business, getting recognition, and traveling to every country. Having kids would only ruin everything!”

My world fell apart in an instant. Was it wiser to leave the woman I love and start looking for someone who would give me children, or should I stop dreaming about children and stay with my wife, who doesn’t want children? It wouldn’t have taken long for me to leave her if I hadn’t loved her so much…

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Having children would ruin my life