He can’t cheat on me

I walked to my husband’s work because I couldn’t reach him by phone or text. Yesterday I read my husband’s text messages about the “FoxBar table reservation.” It was about a meeting at a cafe near his office and contained words like “baby,” “kitty,” etc. So I headed there.

At the moment, I couldn’t afford a taxi, so I took the subway.

Modern fashion doesn’t make sense to me seeing girls wearing weird clothes. They ignore what older people tell them about style.

And what about makeup? To conceal all skin imperfections, girls should wear a high-quality foundation. Is it acceptable to look as beautiful as possible without wearing any eyeshadow? Would anyone pay attention to any girl who appears to have a rash on her face?

What is it with manicures? Why don’t people do them? If they do, their fingernails will look like claws, like those of a panther. Do they think men will be attracted to this?

What if you’re overweight? When an obese girl sits on a chair, it is disgusting to see her fat legs. Imagine the fat folds on her belly when you see them. They make her appear like a fat sausage when they cover her abdomen.

If you want to look stylish, you have to think like a man, not the other way around. Who will notice you if you don’t have extensions or good makeup?

Even though these girls are young, my husband wouldn’t bother to look at them. Even though I’m almost 45 years old, I still enjoy taking care of myself; I appreciate maintaining my appearance.

My husband won’t look at anyone else when his gorgeous wife is next to him.

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He can’t cheat on me