He kicked our daughter and child out and didn’t care about them

As a child, Julia showed me the value of a strong-willed girl; from an early age, she was a strong-willed person throughout her life. I had always wished to become a doctor, but my wife and I put all our efforts into our studies. She graduated from medical school and started her career. She was an excellent specialist; virtually all her senior colleagues invited her to surgeries and consulted with them. Julia helped a lot of people.

In the end, everything changed when she met that boy, Roger. Neither my wife nor I liked it very much. His parents had their own business. Guess where he worked? Of course, at his dad’s company. Why overwork yourself, look for work, and perform arduous duties? Here, he immediately feels like a boss. Not worried about anything.

Since our daughter could not see for herself, we did not want to convince her boyfriend was a narcissist, nor did we intend to force her to accept our worldview. We let her be as independent as she wants without causing her to follow our directions.

As time has moved on, this boy has become our son-in-law. At first, it seemed that he had changed. We, however, were very misled. Because he stated that he was the only one in the family who had to earn money, he ordered our daughter not to work. And considering that he had done nothing worthwhile, the salary was so-so. They moved in with their in-laws because they had a big house. The fact remains that Roger couldn’t earn enough money to finance his own house. My daughter loved her career as a medical doctor, and sitting at home for her was a harrowing experience.

I was afraid to say a word because she was scared that they would kick her out of the house, and as it turned out afterward, he did threaten it more than once. As I mentioned before, it turned out that he knew about it. Julia became soft, indecisive.

Julia recently gave birth, and her child became her happiness. Roger, however, took this opportunity to abuse her. He began cheating on her with other women while he was still pregnant.

As a result of a terrible situation, our daughter called us in tears late at night. She told us that Roger hit her, he came drunk late at night, and she went to her in-laws complaining about Roger.

Understandably, they said that it was her fault. What is there to blame on their holy son when it comes down to it? Only our daughter is to blame. It is unclear why. This was the last straw. We arrived early in the morning and took Julia and our grandson to our place since it was becoming unsafe.

In addition, no one continues to be interested in where their grandson or son is. They do not call and apologize or try to resolve the issue. But we didn’t want to leave everything like that. He filed for divorce. We had to make sure that our grandchild received child support. They assured him that he was aware of the responsibilities of raising a child.

It is now time for the baby to go to kindergarten. My wife and I take turns watching him a little bit. And Julia began to go to work a little at a time. And the sparkle in her eyes appeared again. She continued to save people’s lives quite successfully. Roger pays child support, although neither he nor his parents wish to see the child. They don’t seem concerned about the future of the child.

No doubt such people have a right to do so, but I feel sorry for them since everything in life comes back to them as a boomerang.

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He kicked our daughter and child out and didn’t care about them