He told me he was bored with me, but after changing his lifestyle, he wanted to be with me again.

Once, my husband said to me, “You’re so perfect. I can’t stand you. So boring!” What Archibald found boring, I found average.

Whenever I could, I would wake up early in the morning, cook breakfast with scrambled eggs, exercise, and shower. Initially, I would collect lunch for my husband because Archibald’s working day started earlier, and I would prepare myself. My husband never left home with an empty bag.

I was constantly cooking at home and bringing lunch to work. In the evenings, I used to shop, do housework, cook, clean, do laundry (which could not be delayed), watch movies, and sleep. And I always thought I was doing everything right. I took care of my husband. I made sure he was well dressed and complete. What more could you ask for?

On Saturdays, I usually cleaned the house and baked cakes; in the evenings, we hung out with mutual friends or somewhere with many people. And on Sunday, we spent time with our parents.

In the afternoons, they visited some and helped them as much as they could; in the evenings, she saw hers. Sunday evenings were often spent at home. No screaming, no scandals, no curses. Peace and harmony have always reigned in our house. Until one day, my husband called me boring.

Neither of our friends said it was boring to talk to me. For hours, he gave me examples of his friends and acquaintances who have fun, break away, and live. And we 25-year-olds couldn’t even argue. He left that night, slamming the door.

When I decided to change my life, I was surrounded by peace and quiet with no adventure or “stormy waters.” But it was then that I decided to change everything.

I changed my image radically when I changed my hairstyle, dyed my hair, and, generally, I changed my appearance when I radically changed my image. Once I started shopping, I bought many designer clothing from my stash, which was set aside for a vacation abroad. I would not say I liked to be uninteresting, despite my short hairstyle, dyed hair, and, generally, my appearance.

I became more than just an office worker when I changed my job. I became an event planner. My newly acquired position gave me access to a lot of exciting entertainment. When my husband came home a week later, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The truth is, we were practically never at home after that: constant movement, entertainment, dating, traveling. We only came home about 10 to 11 times a week. The rest of the time, we were carried around to clubs, restaurants, bars, parties, friends, and more.

Several of us spent weekends hiking, biking, kayaking, and visiting other cities on weekends. But does that mean we are at an end? No. After a couple of months, Edward began to hint to me that it might be nice to switch to a relaxed lifestyle at home. He began to say that he missed home-cooked meals in the kitchen. But I did not have time for life. I tried my darnedest not to be bored with myself.

In a recent conversation, Edward said, “You are too active; I cannot keep up with you. As before, I want to feel warm and comfortable at home. I want to visit my parents more often and eat regular food, not just delivery.”

Although I joined the active living movement, I won’t look back. I’m content with how my life is right now. We had an unfortunate incident after my husband’s comment. At night, a local cop was called, and neighbors were frightened. We beat dishes in the end.

As a result, Edward packed his things and drove to live with his mother for a week. I believe he expected to come home and see me as he did two years ago, but it did not happen. It is not a movie in which one can instantly change the plot.

“In one week, Edwards will have two things waiting for him on the table. The first will be his divorce papers. The second will be a note with the comment, “Now I’m bored with you!”

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He told me he was bored with me, but after changing his lifestyle, he wanted to be with me again.