He tried to stop his daughter from dating a boy he didn’t like, but he couldn’t

It took Jason and his wife just a few months of dating. Their parents were not wealthy enough to buy them a house, so they were forced to make their way on their own. Initially, we lived in Kansas, then moved to the capital. At first, we barely made ends meet, but when we found a stable job, we started renting a better apartment and saving little by little.

Olivia’s husband worked by profession for a reputable law firm and was responsible for resolving complex land disputes daily. On the other hand, Olivia continued her master’s degree studies and began working as a tutor preparing school graduates for exams.

Eventually, they could afford a lot more than average students would. They could afford to have a fabulous wedding, to which they invited relatives and a limited circle of friends, and they bought their first one-bedroom house.

Jason had worked diligently and brought home much more money than his legitimate wife. This forced him to start paying less attention to her until he turned his nose at her. At work, he behaved like a boss. At home, his wife got it too. She tolerated his actions because she was already pregnant and would soon have a child.

The family moved to a two-room house near the capital center after the birth of their daughter, and a new phase of comfortable life began. Daughter Maria grew up surrounded by her mother’s love. Whenever she needed anything, she was there at her side. She started helping her at an early age, as soon as she could walk and understand her first words. Her father provided her with the highest-quality education in kindergarten, school, and French and Italian tutors. As the story unfolds, Jason had planned to send her to study in Europe. However, the girl refused to relocate to Europe and was admitted to Yale University on a full scholarship.

The father did all he could to make his daughter happy. He decided it would be best for them to travel on vacation together in the summer to rest together. However, the relationship between father and daughter was not too close, even though there were no quarrels. It’s just that they could never find a common language because of their widely differing views on life and the world around them.

Over twenty-five years, the couple lived in the capital, and as they grew older, they moved to the suburbs. And so it remained. They left the house to their daughter and moved to a big house in the suburbs. Olivia became friendly and friendly with some of her neighbors. They used to get together in a book club at night or for a cup of coffee in the morning together. Jason continued to work, coming to the office when it was necessary. In general, he carried out his tasks remotely.

It was fascinating for the parents when their daughter finished her bachelor’s degree and found a boyfriend. The mother was happy about hearing this news because Maria told them that she felt thrilled and believed that was the most meaningful thing. However, the father expressed no opinion. He only asked that their chosen one be introduced to him as soon as possible, so he could be sure he could trust him.

It is no secret that Jason sought the most suitable groom for his only daughter. He invested too much in her to let her fall in love with some average student or plumber. He believed that to enjoy a prosperous life. She would have to marry the son of a medical doctor, attorney, or some other influential person. As a result, she would not have to work all her life like her father to provide the family with all the best.

After Maria had brought her boyfriend to the party, Jason headed to meet the guests who had just parked their cars. When he saw a gentleman wearing a stylish suit get out of the car, he was happy. He thought that his daughter had made the right choice. However, when he recognized the gentleman as her former classmate, who was at an elite school because of his poverty, not his merits, he became angry.

As could be expected, the family dinner did not turn out well. The young couple left the table before they even sat down because Olivia’s father was furious. Olivia tried to calm him down, but he would not allow her to do so.

Even though she was a very stubborn daughter and in love, she was not planning to leave her boyfriend just because of her father. So they moved out of the apartment, and Maria mailed the keys to her father and the debit card she was using.

After this moment, the father and daughter could not communicate. Sometimes the mother called her to find out how things were coming along and to ask her to reconcile with the father. However, such discussions did not result in any outcome. She visited them twice in the capital. When her son was born, she lived there for a month.

His pride did not allow Jason to take the first steps toward reconciliation. However, in his heart, he wanted to see his daughter and grandson, but he stayed home and returned to the office but never called her. He wasn’t sure if he had kept her number in his phone book after that fight.

Three years passed like that. His wife fell ill with cancer, and despite the money, he invested in her treatment, he could not save her. Jason and his daughter met for the first time at a funeral, but they did not speak to each other.

Jason was alone in the house where his wife’s memories were everywhere. It seemed impossible to live in the house until the wounds in his heart were healed. He tried to live in an apartment but had too many memories. The husband found her notebook one day, and his daughter’s address was written in shorthand. Having contemplated whether or not to go there for a long time, he finally decided to travel to New Haven, Connecticut, the following day. His daughter was working and studying over there for a doctorate in biology, which would give her an edge over her competitors.

Jason’s daughter did not chase him away but gave him strong hugs and tears as she greeted him. His grandson, already an adult, met his grandfather for the first time. However, he would not leave him for the whole month as he did not want to leave his grandfather alone. He had a brilliant and successful son-in-law because the family lived in a prestigious neighborhood and owned a relatively expensive house.

Despite Jason’s advancing age, he found the strength to reconcile with his daughter. It is just a shame that his wife could not witness their reconciliation.

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He tried to stop his daughter from dating a boy he didn’t like, but he couldn’t