Her family chooses her child’s name, regardless of what she thinks.

I gave birth to my first child three months ago, and my girlfriend is eight months pregnant. When she left the women’s clinic and called to invite me out, I walked with my baby in the park, so she approached me.

Nancy sat on a bench and looked upset. I wondered if, God forbid, something had happened to the child, so I asked her what had happened. It was Nancy’s dream to name her daughter Gianina because, in Hebrew, it means “God’s graciousness.” However, all the relatives who found out insist on changing the name before it is too late because Is that a good name?

It was Nancy’s mother who had long ago chosen a name for her granddaughter, Diane, as it was her great-grandmother’s name, and therefore it would be appropriate to call Nancy’s daughter Diane.

“Tell me, Tiff, why can’t I choose a name for my daughter? My husband and I talked, and you decided to name her first and then introduce her to her grandparents.”

“Do you think they’ll be offended?” I asked.

“I am not offended if everyone decides what my child’s name will be. I had dreamed of calling my daughter, and my husband supported me. Why should I give up my dreams for somebody else’s sake?” asked Nancy in an indignant tone. “I don’t know how to deal with this month of pressure. Almost everyone tells me what to name my child. Did all your relatives also offer advice on the child’s name?”

Fortunately, I was not influenced by family, unlike Nancy. I think Gianina is an excellent name. And a child’s name should always be decided by the parents alone.

What do you think about the name Gianina? Are you accustomed to names that are not considered traditional?

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Her family chooses her child’s name, regardless of what she thinks.