Her parents abandoned her pregnant daughter

Vanessa waited in line for an ab0rtion in the hospital hallway. She was only 18 years old at the time. She moved from a small town to the city to study paramedics. Her studies were over, and she wanted a job in an ambulance to earn money and help her parents when she found out she was pregnant.

Before she found out she was pregnant, she and her boyfriend broke up because they didn’t love each other. To avoid imposing or keeping him, she did not want to tell him about the ab0rtion.

As she waited in line, she got a call. The woman on the phone wept. I know you and Vincent broke up, but I thought you should know.” “He drowned in the river a few days ago.” Vincent’s mom wept. “He was buried the day before yesterday.” And she hung up.

Suffocated and breathless, Vanessa burst into tears. She decided to go outside and spend some time in the yard. She couldn’t enter the clinic again after going outside in that manner, which made her decide not to come back.

She called her mom for support.

“Well, you better get rid of it.. and send me the money because Mike did drugs again.” Vanessa’s mother whimped. The girl had already forgotten her mom wasn’t sober. “I brought you into this world. You can either choose that bastard or me!”

Vanessa walked toward her rented apartment. She just wanted to lie down. The ground felt like it was crumbling beneath her feet. She could not return home, where her mother lived and did not. The father of her child is dead. She won’t be able to go to work if she ends up keeping the baby. Nobody knew she was pregnant…

It didn’t take her long to tell her childhood friend Vance everything, who was at least willing to offer some support. Vance listened dryly like a man and said:

He stated clearly, “Well, you are this… If you have an abortion, you will have to give up the only person you have.” “And you will always feel guilty.”

She asked herself, “Do you think I will not be guilty if I cannot provide for him?”

“I don’t think the material loss is so big compared to my life,” Vance said. I’ll leave you my phone number. If you need help, call me.” He said and patted her on the shoulder. “You…you should call Vincent’s mother. Do you know how happy she would be to have her son have a child? I gotta go. Here’s my number.” He patted her shoulder and said, “If you need help, call me.”

Vanessa has always been friends with guys. Men are typically straightforward and don’t gossip a lot. She was already worried about the situation, so Vance put her at ease.

The young girl went to Vincent’s house, where only his mother lived.

“I didn’t have time to tell him… “Vanessa cried.

As soon as she learned she was pregnant, Vanessa’s mother-in-law, Mrs. April, told her, “Honey, don’t worry. You can work on an ambulance and save many lives. Meanwhile, keep what God has given you. I will help you both materially and emotionally whenever you need me. I am glad I am not alone in this.”

Vanessa decided to sell her mother’s house, which belonged to her, the following year, based on the will. Mrs. April also chose to sell Vincent’s apartment. Together, they bought a place in the suburbs for Vanessa and her child with the money from both purchases. Mrs. April stayed with the baby a lot and wasn’t against Vanessa being out on dates and arranging her personal life.

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Her parents abandoned her pregnant daughter