He’s back to normal, thanks to the prophecy

Dan adored Anne’s enthusiasm when she ate his dishes with confidence and praised him. Looking at her, he realized how fast time had passed. His little girl had grown up so fast, and he could not stop it.

The man recalled meeting a fortune teller in the park ten years ago, but the meeting turned his life upside down. It never crossed his mind that this could happen to him.

The woman cried out for help when men approached her and started grabbing at her. Dan could not stand by and watch this happen. He ran to help the woman, dealt with the guys, and got them away from the woman. He then helped her to her feet and led her to the first bench nearby. He asked if she was feeling well and if she needed medical attention.

She was thirsty and asked for water to quench her thirst. Dan bought her a drink at this point because he was scared. Suddenly, the woman looked at him and said, “Look me directly in the eye.”

Such people did not earn his trust; he called them frauds. However, when the woman looked into his eyes for only a moment, he said, “Listen to me carefully. Keep this leaflet with you. Might you stash it in a secret place? I helped you a little; you will see that you will be happy. You will have a daughter that you will love above all else.”

In the end, the fortune-teller got up and limped further into the deepest depths of the park.

It was unclear what she had said to him, but he could see her face. Therefore, he decided to keep the piece of paper and see what would happen.

Dan met a woman about a month later. Her daughter was about a year old, and she was her mother’s only child. The baby’s father left them when the baby was two months old. The man disappeared and did not return Nancy’s calls. The couple was not married in the legal sense. This is why Nancy wasn’t able to demand anything from the father of her child. She still cried sometimes, remembering how difficult it was for her to handle everything and take care of her daughter.

It was Dan who invited Nancy on a romantic date. This is what led to their relationship. He later met a little girl named Anne, who was extremely fond of him. She continued to be close to him, no matter what. She went straight to his arms and began to play with him. Nancy was surprised when the little one went to Dan for the first time because she would never have done that with strangers.

It wasn’t long after, and they were living together. After one year, they went to the city hall and got married. Then Anne began talking, calling Dan her father. They’d like to talk about everything at breakfast, so one day, the girl asked him, “Dad, are you leaving us?” 

Anne’s father embraced her with a grin as he replied, “Of course not!”

He realized how thankful he was for the fortune teller when he saved her from the drunken men.

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He’s back to normal, thanks to the prophecy