His kids never get nutritious food; he says to finish the leftovers

My parents always bought the best products when we were little, but we ate the leftovers. We didn’t eat what they ate, and that seemed unfair. They made cheap and easy meals for us but made excellent meals for themselves.

My brother and I both had a problem gaining weight when we were young. And the products we received were low in carbohydrates and protein. As we failed to gain enough weight, the doctors advised us to eat a lot of fish, chicken, pork, and beef, all of which our parents neglected to prepare for us.

On the day we celebrated the birthday of my brother Andrew, my mother ordered his favorite pizza for him, which was just cheese and no toppings at all. The poor boy was so upset because he had asked for his famous pizza with different kinds of toppings long before his birthday, about a week before his birthday.

Once, my parents were not at home, and my mom baked a cake for them. I was so eager to taste it that I did not hold back and cut off a large piece. I still remember the incredible taste. Although it was an ordinary honey cake, I still remember the moment of great pleasure. At that point, I was at peace and savoring the great joy of the moment.

Our parents were angry when they returned home. I was punished for taking something that belonged to somebody else.

I was a little perplexed, “Why is that so? Wasn’t this cake made for our entire family? Do you want me to feel guilty for a piece of homemade cake?”

“I will not bake so much for you kids because I would have to buy many items for this kind of cake to be made. You will have to buy them all yourself when you grow up,” she replied.

In retrospect, I realize how absurd it all sounded. Would my brother and I be able to consume all of that food? Did my brother and I have some gluttonous attitude?

After that, I decided to earn my own money to buy myself something tasty. I went to hand out leaflets near the supermarket. The parents did not object in any way at all.

The paradox is that Andrew ultimately reflects our parents’ behavior. I find this strange because I did not believe that our parents’ behavior would reflect on us. We are already adults now. I do not choose or prepare delicacies for ourselves, although I still buy better quality products than those we receive from our parents. I still purchase products of slightly better quality than those we receive from our parents.

Whenever I look at the products in their refrigerator, I can see good, expensive products such as salmon, cheese, shrimp, lobster, vegetables, and fruits on top. However, I have found cheap milk and discounted cheese on the bottom shelves and their homemade potatoes with eggs. They put their delicacies on top so that the children would not be tempted to take them.

In the first place, I was shocked. Did Andrew forget how we wanted to taste what our parents’ food was? They enjoyed different kinds of meat and expensive seafood. I felt sorry for his children. I went through this with my brother in the past and had horrible experiences related to food and weight issues and couldn’t understand why my brother repeated those behaviors.

As a result, I began taking the little kids to my home on the weekends. On the way back from school, I take them to pick up delicious cakes. When my brother discovered it, he forbade them to buy such foods in the future.

Neither of us could agree on what was best for my brother’s children. Having grown up into a man, he thinks this is the norm. So he’ll raise and educate his kids in the same environment where he grew up. He’ll make sure the kids learn the value of money and don’t think it comes from the sky. Likewise, he’ll teach them moral values and norms.

Despite this, I found it strange that I bought us delicacies when I earned my first dollar; my brother didn’t object but instead asked when there would be something else to eat. As for Andrew himself, he was uninterested in going to work.

I will never treat my children the way my parents treated me when I was a child. I will make sure they have an enjoyable childhood to know what life is like when they are older. There will be no fighting over food, and there will be no regrets over a cake eaten.

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His kids never get nutritious food; he says to finish the leftovers