His mother-in-law doesn’t like him and her granddaughter staying at her house in the suburbs.

A very close friend and I work together at a car dealership (we are both sales managers). He told me recently that his mother-in-law does not allow him and his daughter to come to her cottage.

The conflict has lasted more than a year. Alex grew up in a small town with five other siblings, a friend of mine. They lived in poverty but happily. At 18, he moved to the capital searching for a job and was hired as a courier, but his low earnings and constant traffic did not suit him. Eventually, he got hired at our auto dealership after searching long and hard for a job. He’s intelligent and gets along well with everyone.

According to him, he got to know the future bride Virginia at a party. The girl’s eyes immediately captured his imagination, and she liked him at first sight. The relationship with his parents was smooth, and there weren’t any disagreements, disputes, or complaints. After getting married, they moved into the wife’s parents’ two-bedroom apartment, which they had previously rented out.

Everything was fine. The couple lived in harmony, and one day they had a daughter. His mother-in-law worked, so she had no time to help her daughter, so Alex invited his mother to visit. His mother helped Virginia with everything, and she was able to allocate time for part-time work for the family.

Their daughter is almost three years old, and Alex’s mom still lives with them. Alex’s mother-in-law doesn’t like it because she gave the apartment to her daughter’s family, not Alex’s mom. And that son-in-law didn’t pay his rent and invited Alex’s mom to live with him for free.

It turned out they all had a rocky relationship. My friend lives in a comfortable home with his wife, daughter, and mother. However, they go on a summer vacation to the remote town where Alex was born because they can’t afford more expensive vacations. The cottage has minimal amenities, but fresh air is vital for children.

Alex’s mother-in-law also has a cottage near the city with all the amenities, but she doesn’t go there much since her work is far away. She also won’t let her son-in-law and granddaughter go to the cottage. She only allows her daughter to come, but she doesn’t want to come.

Even though they could have lived in a house with good conditions, they spent in a cottage in a small town with no living conditions every summer.

Alex thinks it’s worth buying a piece of land in the country, but they didn’t save much money.

Is Alex’s mother-in-law righteous, in your opinion?

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His mother-in-law doesn’t like him and her granddaughter staying at her house in the suburbs.