His wife takes it easy on maternity leave while he works hard.

There was no need for her to worry or do anything.

Once again, it’s the story of a woman on maternity leave who stays at home and does nothing. She regrets that she does not have time for anything else.

The husband of the family worked and supported the family financially. He has always been one of those men who would constantly pick on his wife with remarks that she does not contribute to the household.

He was amazed by her fatigue, not realizing what she did during the day. She probably falls asleep as she sits at home with the kids watching cartoons. There’s work for me too. After all, it’s just a dream, not reality.

However, he failed to observe and appreciate the essential things. His children are always happy and calm, well-fed, well-dressed, and healthy. The little ones know a lot and can read.

The elder child has always done his homework and excelled in each of his classes. Naturally, he has not been able to do that so far, so it is not a big deal.

Everything is always clean around here. He probably would have noticed the cleanliness if he had noticed his mess. He did not even remove the trash containers from the premises.

His wife was always ready for any situation. His refrigerator was stocked with different types of food. That is a normal thing to do. At the exit, freshly laundered clothes were also waiting for him. He’s married to be taken care of.

However, she did not worry or do anything at home.

The kitchen, however, did not contain any dirty utensils or dishes. Maybe they had cleaned themselves with magic. All he did was put the dirty dishes in the sink after dinner.

What makes the windows clean all the time? Is it Easter or Christmas? I think it has more to do with magic than anything else. He doesn’t seem to be interested in it. Plus, delicious meals and cakes appear by magic on every holiday.

She never did anything or cared about anything. If she is a housewife, what can she do? She’s just a lazy person.

The poor man works day and night. He drives people around. He sits in the car throughout the day, driving around the city. The air conditioning is on when it is hot, and the heater is on when it is cold. It is just the way it is. As a result, he becomes tired and weary. Sometimes he complains that his job is one of the most challenging things he has ever experienced.

He is married to that woman. He would have stayed on maternity leave if he could. As for his income, he would not be concerned.

Unfortunately, he is not able to do so. He is responsible for providing for the children, but his wife has not done so or cared for them.

This is not life but a fairy tale.

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His wife takes it easy on maternity leave while he works hard.