How she became a stepmom without knowing.

Then one day, my best friend became a stepmother without even knowing it. Just like that. She had not yet planned for children. Everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly. She didn’t know what to do or how to proceed at first.

Carmen and Michael wed about three years ago, and she was distraught that her choice of husband was the right one, so she set several requirements: she wanted a man who was self-sufficient, confident, had a good job, was funny, had no unhealthy habits, and was a kind person.

She believed that an attractive appearance would not be the most significant thing, but being friendly and a little sporty would be lovely. Well, that is not too unreasonable.

She was intelligent, athletic, successful (the girl had her own small business), knew how to cook, had a place to live, and always worked on her development and traveling. And most importantly, she wanted a family and was ready for it financially and emotionally.

Michael and Carmen met at a friend’s party. She immediately liked the guy because he was tall, had black hair, was elegant, and could carry on a conversation. In addition, he was successful in his business and owned several furniture stores.

The girl fell in love right away and saw no downside to it. She accepted Michael’s proposal in a couple of months. The wedding was beautiful, and all my relatives and friends attended. After their honeymoon, they turned back to normal.

As it turned out, Michael wasn’t completely done with his ex-girlfriend. At first, she read a few messages from her, but nothing of significance. Then she was told that they had seen him with his ex-girlfriend in the park.

Several months later, Irene, her husband’s ex-girlfriend, called Carmen and announced she had a relationship with Michael. Michael immediately confessed his relationship with Irene but refused to see her again. Carmen became depressed, as her husband was the love of her life, but she forgave him for his betrayal.

Carmen forgave, but a year later, she learned that Irene had given birth to a child from Michael and was seeking child support. Michael was convinced that this was not his child, so he refused to pay anything to Iren.

Now Michael is trying to prove to Carmen that he is not the father of their child. He needs her assistance, but Carmen does not know what to do and is not ready to forgive the betrayal and accept the child as a relative.

Is it possible that Irene’s child might be Michael’s? If so, how should Carmen handle this situation? Is forgiving Michael a worthwhile endeavor?

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How she became a stepmom without knowing.