How the mother-in-law outsmarted her son-in-law

Catherine and Vincent live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment they purchased five years ago. They’re saving for a bigger place since they don’t have enough money to buy a better apartment in a new building.

In the end, they found a two-bedroom apartment for a reasonable price that was being sold at the time by another couple. It was even better because the apartment was already set up, and no repairs were needed, so they would save a lot of time and money.

But they made the repairs high quality, though there’s still a significant budget gap. A marble-top makeup vanity table and cabinet with storage in a corner, a black sideboard with drawers and doors, a leather-upholstered couch, a huge TV, a glass table, and a fluffy carpet were all things Kate dreamed of.

Further, they had chosen to borrow some money, but they had registered an apartment they had purchased for their mother-in-law, which would make it less risky for them to acquire it later on.

A fight broke out between Vincent and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson has always been very spiteful and scandalous, and she could say anything without being ashamed of doing so. Vincent said after the fight that he would not want to see her again.

After her fight with Vincent, Mrs. Johnson decided that she wanted to make her apartment more luxurious. So, she contacted some workers to help out with the project. Because the repairs were more complicated than she thought, the woman complained to her daughter that there was nowhere to stay. The wallpaper had to be taken off but plastered on the walls.

What advice did her daughter give her? Naturally, she will move into the apartment she and her son-in-law recently bought.

In the evening, Mrs. Johnson came along with the visit. And that’s where the fun began for Vincent. A few days later, his mother-in-law surprised him by telling him that she had to stay another week due to some problems in her apartment during the repairs. Vincent was unhappy with this news and decided to talk to his mother-in-law about it, but it wasn’t a good idea.

As Mrs. Johnson showed Vincent the apartment deed, she said, “You have forgotten that this apartment belongs to me, and you are the one visiting me.”

In the meantime, there was another scandal, and Vincent, having collected possessions, moved to live with his parents. Kate wasn’t sure what to do as she loved her mother, but she didn’t want to be a victim to her mother’s whims. But she thought her husband could be patient and be a good son-in-law. What should she do now?

Because Mrs. Johnson never liked her son-in-law, she was the only one happy in this situation.

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How the mother-in-law outsmarted her son-in-law