I asked my mom to babysit my kids. And that’s it.

Grandmothers have a special bond with grandchildren (especially mothers). Women often ask their children to entrust their grandchildren to them. And indeed, sons and daughters rarely let their children stay with their grandmothers. This is because they do not pamper them, do not teach them anything their parents do not want, and so on.

There lived a married couple named Alex and Olivia. They had a solid and happy marriage. They had lived together for seven years and earned a bit of money. They bought a car and an apartment. And then they decided they wanted kids. The first ultrasound showed a boy, and then it turned out there was a girl too. Olivia was expecting twins. The couple was thrilled.

No complications occurred during the birth; it ran smoothly. Alex’s parents have been abroad for 14 years. Therefore, they couldn’t be there. But Olivia’s mom showed up at the maternity hospital and was very cold. Many grandmothers rush to children, wanting to hold them. She didn’t even want to see the children. That was just the beginning.

It isn’t easy to have two children. I think even mothers with one child can understand. This is especially true of mothers who have newborns. They tend to be extremely hungry at the same time. This was a difficult situation for Olivia. Her husband couldn’t help either.

Olivia was on maternity leave, so her husband provided for their family. Moreover, they have two kids now, so the household needs have doubled.

Many young mothers spend a lot of time thinking about what to do and how to make life more comfortable for themselves and their children. Thus, Olivia did not want to hire a nanny because she thought it might be a terrible idea to have another person in the house. Therefore, she asked her mother. This was an excellent idea. Her mom would help her whenever she needed it, so she wanted to stay close to her.

Olivia called her mom. But Olivia’s mom didn’t want to see her grandchildren or help. She lived a comfortable life, and this request ruined it. Olivia was able to convince her mother, and she agreed. She’d have to come at 10 a.m. on weekdays and stay until her son-in-law got off work. She agreed. Everything seemed to work out.

However, Olivia’s mother’s patience did not last for long. She failed to make it from the very first day. While Olivia was feeding her son, she couldn’t calm her granddaughter down. The child was crying uncontrollably, and she had no idea what to do. After a while, she gave her granddaughter away, engaging with a calm grandson. As luck would have it, both of her grandchildren wanted to be in her arms when she held them. As soon as Olivia had to get a snack or use the bathroom, the twins started screaming again.

 So, the twins’ grandmother complained more at the end of the day. She couldn’t control herself. As a result of all that, she became emotional and stressed out. As a result, she decided not to help any longer. She wanted her daughter to be free to make her own choices. There was a time when she said she would not be able to work as a nanny for another family. Olivia was shocked but couldn’t do anything about it. Honestly, I do not think her mother was a grandmother material by any means.

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I asked my mom to babysit my kids. And that’s it.