I bought a car on my own, now everyone wants to be friends with me

My dream was to own a car since I was a kid. My dream car was a white Toyota.

When I was 18, I got my driver’s license. I took out an auto loan a year later and bought my dream car. I was so happy. Having your car is excellent.

It seemed like everyone had suddenly become my friend. My cousin lived next door to me. Neither of us spoke much, and neither of us had anything in common.

After that, he began visiting me with my aunt more often, as if they missed me and wanted to talk. The first thing they asked about was my car.

My aunt told me that Oliver has a driver’s license and dreams of owning a car. The distance between his work and home makes him have to take the bus. She told me I could walk to work since I live close to it.

I felt terrible for them and offered to lend him a car whenever he needed it.

I shouldn’t have done that. I’ve never been able to refuse, and my family is mean.

My cousin occasionally used my car, and he damaged it afterward. Once, it rained heavily. We had to wear business attire to work that day. As it was raining heavily, high heels would not be appropriate. Nobody told me there was no car in my garage. To get to work, I had to drive a car. When I was in the garage, it was empty.

I called my cousin right away to find out where my car was. He said he took my car to the mechanic. As a result, he called me ungrateful for all the help he had given me. Instead of fighting, I called a cab.

Suddenly, everything changed.

I got a call at night. It was the cops. My car was involved in an accident, so I had to go to the police station. My cousin Oliver was driving. He wasn’t hurt. The vehicle hit an electric pole at a low speed. After the accident, I barely recognized my car.

I was furious, so I took the car to the mechanic. Oliver promised to pay for it. Well, he never did. All repairs were on me.

Whenever my cousin has used my car, he has never paid for gas. Now that it was damaged, I also had to deal with the repairs since it had been damaged. Since then, I have not spoken to my relatives since. I don’t even greet my aunt anymore when I see her. I won’t be so dumb anymore, and I won’t let anyone use me—especially people like my evil relatives.

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I bought a car on my own, now everyone wants to be friends with me