I do not allow children to see their grandparents

We never thought it would happen to us, but we do not want our children to be exposed to my parents.

When I found out I was pregnant, our family celebrated for a few days. My parents were the happiest.

After the birth, I learned that I was pregnant for the second time, so my parents helped me with my first child because being pregnant was difficult for me.

During the first year after the birth of our youngest son Dan and our second eldest daughter Alice, both parents were always there for us. Especially Mom, I could always ask her for advice and help.

My experience has shown me that our children have been taught and explained a lot and have communicated well with other children in the yard and clubs; as a result, I am confident that will not change in the future. Our children have already been taught righteous behavior.

One weekend I decided to bring the children over to my parents to have some time to relax and clean up. The first day seemed okay; they had eaten and played with the grandparents. Alice called to pick them up right away the next day, and I became terrified. I jumped in my car and drove to my parents right away.

I hurried to the house as quickly as I could. As soon as I reached the house, the children ran to me in tears. To be honest, I was astonished. My parents began to complain without providing a single reason for this.

They said that my children were wild and uneducated. It was as if they ignored them, scattering everything. And in general, because of how they described them, I understood that they behaved inappropriately. And I couldn’t believe what they had said.

The truth is, I have no idea what happened there. I am sure everything could have been handled peacefully. Right now, my children are frightened. Consequently, I will refuse to allow my parents to see my children again. Furthermore, I will not be communicating with them in the future. At the very least, I think they should apologize for what they have done.

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I do not allow children to see their grandparents