I don’t know where to live because my wife wants to kick me out

After the divorce, my wife kicked me out of the house. But now I have nowhere to live, so I decided to seek the advice of an attorney to help me figure out what to do since I am not a great expert in this regard.

“My wife and I live in the house. We bought the equipment together. Do I have a claim to anything in this case? The woman threw me out the door, and I have nowhere to live.” I told my attorney this.

This is how everything appears to be.

Our house was inherited from my wife’s parents. My wife and I have officially been married for 15 years now. We have three children together. Our two elder children are already married. The daughter, still a teenager, is in the 10th grade.

There weren’t any predictions for the divorce, but it happened. And now my wife is kicking me out, and I have no other housing. Several decades ago, we sold my parents’ apartment to buy housing for my eldest son, and the house was put in my name.

I don’t know what to do in this situation; I don’t dare to rent an apartment because it’s the same every month giving money to strangers. I should give the money to my children instead. Living with my children isn’t an option since they all have families and children of their own.”

Everything is clear from a legal perspective. To move into the apartment I own, I must evict my son and his children.

However, this is the most extreme option that I thought of. Instead of evicting my son and his family and living in my car, I want a different plan.

I do not think it is suitable for me to kick out my son since I promised him that house in the first place. Even though the property is in my name, he will be the one to inherit it after my death.

I will have to leave my wife after the divorce process has been finalized. That will leave me with no place to live.

According to the lawyer who spoke with me, the house belonged to my wife, and I had no legal claim even though we lived together.

Today, we are seeing a widespread situation. All parties have rights that they need to be aware of.

There is no reason why a man can be forced to shelter simply because he has no other option.

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I don’t know where to live because my wife wants to kick me out