I don’t want to have a bastard at home!

“Don’t you realize that you are too young to have a child yet? You are just eighteen years old, Olivia. You have your whole life ahead of you. How will you raise a child yourself—without money, a husband, or a job. Alex forgot about you, didn’t want to hear from you, and now you will suffer alone? I’m already telling you—do something because I will not accept you with a child. I don’t want a bastard in my house.

Hearing this from your parents is unbearably painful. 

Alex, her boyfriend, left her alone with the child. He did not leave her suddenly—at first, he promised to marry her, that he would find a job, and they would come up with something. But weeks passed, and Alex not only did not only keep his promises but also became more and more distant from Olivia. He was either busy or sick or tired after school. Later, he stopped communicating and didn’t take calls from Olivia.

Later, Olivia found out that Alex’s mother told him not to get married and convinced him that it was not his child. She told everyone that Olivia got pregnant from someone else, yet she wants her son to be the father of her child. Eventually, Alex broke up with her.

The mother tried to persuade Olivia to get rid of the baby, but the girl was adamant and hoped Alex would change his mind; perhaps he would understand his mistake. Now, her mother also prohibits her from returning home with the baby. Meanwhile, there was still no news from Alex. 

In a few months, Olivia gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She was beautiful, and every time the girl took her in her arms, she cried with happiness. How could you not abort her or leave her for adoption? It was simply impossible!

Olivia decided that she and Diana would handle everything themselves and be happy.

Following her stay in the maternity hospital, the girl looked for a place where she and her daughter could go. Maybe if she had come home, her mother wouldn’t have kicked her out, but she certainly wouldn’t have supported her. Being tired of resentment, nerves, and feelings, Olivia decided her child should not have grown up in quarrels and screams. It was better to look for other options.

Olivia loaned some money from friends to buy everything the child needed and settled in a shelter for mothers with children. Immediately after giving birth, she headed there. There were the same mothers who had nowhere to go. But they were all strong and loved their children.

Afterward, the woman went on with her life. She was happy living only with her daughter, even though she did not have any other family members. Her social circle grew. She enrolled Diana in a daycare center when she found a job. As time wore on, she earned enough money to rent an apartment. Despite the many obstacles that Olivia had to face over the past five years, she overcame them. Alex had never inquired about his daughter. He became addicted to alcohol, lost his job, and is still living with his mother in no time at all.

Finally, Olivia decided to live her life for herself and married a man who was looking out for her. Consequently, he became a great stepfather to Diana and a loving husband to Olivia.

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I don’t want to have a bastard at home!