I found the closest person I’ve ever known in a difficult moment.

 It was a challenging situation for me to handle. My dreams and plans all came crashing down. Only our son and I returned to our home from the maternity hospital after my wife, and I went to the hospital. Everything appeared normal, and there was no hint that anything was amiss with our family. But the very next day, just a day after his son was born, his wife was gone. It was no explanation as to what caused her to leave. On a piece of paper, she wrote “I am so sorry” and left it in the crib next to her son.

Nobody was waiting for us at home. Our son started crying when it was time to feed him. My heart was breaking, and I was in despair. Why did she do that? Even though she was going through a difficult time with me, how could I not feel sorry for her son? Even though I wept, it didn’t make it any easier. I even considered offering my son for adoption at one point. My conscience told me to keep him.

After getting better, I started looking for options. The idea of quitting my job at that moment would be a terrible idea. My son needs a lot of money, and I will provide everything he needs. My mother was the first person I decided to turn to. It wasn’t easy to describe our relationship as good at the time. All through my mother’s life, she believed that children were ungrateful. As it turned out, my guesses were correct because she did not say anything that comforted me.

“I can help you sometimes. But don’t expect too much help. Let’s put it this way: I will not fall into this trap again,” said my mother.

The idea of giving her a child was pointless. Once again, I started to panic, but I knew that there would be no way I could leave my son.

My wife’s mother then came to my mind. The only contact I had with her was a telephone conversation in which she asked me to contact her daughter. My wife then refused to speak to her mother, saying she had never been interested in her. However, I felt warmth in her mother’s voice and hoped to meet my son. So, I wondered if my wife had told me the truth.

My brain was scrambling for clues. Everything turned out to be simpler than I expected. I remembered my wife’s old address quite well. We went to my wife’s mother with my son by my side. My wife’s mother lived on the outskirts of town. When looking for the house, I had no problems finding it. After taking a deep breath in front of the door, I hesitated again, determining if I was doing everything correctly. I was even considering returning, but I was encouraged by a voice from a stranger:

I was encouraged by a woman who told me Mackenzie had long wished to see her grandson and son-in-law.

I knocked confidently, and the door opened. There was no easy way to describe the feelings reflected on the face of an older woman at that time. She immediately took care of her grandson. Her grandson responded joyfully as well, shouting back in return.

I finally told my mother-in-law what had happened. Trying not to blame her for the lack of communication, I tried to be as brief as possible. However, Mackenzie, my mother-in-law, wasn’t as surprised by my story as I thought she would be. For the next hour, I heard a lot about a woman I wanted to live with all my life. As it turned out, my wife has always liked making easy money. She often ran away from home. I found out she never had a job. When my wife and I met, she told me a “bad boss fired her” and had been looking for a new job. At that point, I readily believed her.

There was a sense of relief when I realized I was in a place where I could ask for help without feeling embarrassed. I would be able to continue to work peacefully, and my son would be able to be with his family. Although it was not a mother, he would receive unconditional love and warmth from this person.

Luckily for my son and me, I could find a person I wouldn’t have expected to find, and she became the closest person I’ve ever known to us.

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I found the closest person I’ve ever known in a difficult moment.