I gave my student a gift, and his parents weren’t happy

Today’s parents do not pay much attention to their children’s desires, especially their material welfare. They do things for their status rather than for the child’s comfort most of the time. It is even difficult to say who is more spoiled, the children or their parents.

As a lead teacher, I am responsible for teaching everyone myself. What happened once became a lesson for me to live by for the rest of my life.

I had a very bright and intelligent boy, Alex, who tried his best to be neat, kind, and honest, but unfortunately, his parents had refused to buy him a smartphone. I knew Alex had always wanted a smartphone, but he had to live without one because his parents refused to buy him one.

Despite my most sincere intentions, I have to admit that a teacher’s primary role is to support students in their beginnings and dreams continuously.

The boy’s birthday was coming up. I had just had my last paycheck. The next paycheck had to be the following week. So I took out credit on a smartphone. It wasn’t a very modern or expensive smartphone, but it was high-quality and reliable. All the children congratulated the birthday boy on the morning of his birthday. They exchanged sweets and cut the cake. I then presented my gift. Alex’s eager eyes were my most tremendous thanks. He was delighted.

I had the opportunity to witness an exciting scene later in the evening. The boy was always picked up by his parents. He showed them his phone happily, “Mom, Dad, this is the smartphone that Ms. Sharma gave me for my birthday! Can you imagine? Just like I always dreamed of.”

“How can teachers give such expensive gifts to their students?” Father wondered.

“Is this some Chinese fake?” his mother asked indifferently as she opened the car door.

I found that to be the most disappointing thing in life. That is not an exaggeration. Why not be grateful to those who make an effort to make their children happy? Why not be satisfied with the child?

Is it so difficult to do that? I don’t think it should be that difficult to be happy for your child.

I have decided to stop doing what is not part of my teaching duties once and for all. What is the point of making trouble for myself in the first place?

I am not sure how to continue communicating with these parents when needed. They do not seem interested in speaking with me. Still, I am a professional, so I cannot show a personal attitude at work. It’s up to them what they think about this. There is no way that I will understand them anyway.

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I gave my student a gift, and his parents weren’t happy