I have a big but odd family.

I am the oldest member of the family. My brother Oliver was born when I was 17, and my sister Maria was born when I was 22. Since my parents worked a lot, I could devote time to my younger siblings. When my parents passed away, we were left all alone.

My siblings thought of me as their mom. Maria attended her dream university, and I helped Oliver get into college for IT.

To give my family a chance to live, I gave all of myself to them. This, of course, hurt my personal life. The brother and sister, on the other hand, found suitable partners. Maria married first, Oliver a year later. I was 45 years old.

They lived in our apartment with their families. It was a spacious, bright, three-bedroom apartment. I figured we’d have more fun there. In addition, children appeared who also had to be cared for.

I had to quit my job and entertain my nephews for the first time because my daughter-in-law didn’t want to leave her job. We were all getting along well at first.

Then, however, something went wrong. Our family grew. Those kids grew up and needed me less, and my daughter-in-law was always blaming me. When I didn’t do something her way or forgot to do something, she would complain. It wasn’t how she wanted me to play with her child, or I did something too slowly.

That is how several years have passed since then. I was 53 years old. Unfortunately, my health has deteriorated since then. Around that time, I started experiencing chest and back pain. Oh, and my relatives were still yelling at each other. I couldn’t take it anymore. This is not the first time they have made me angry.

As the quarrels escalated, they became greater and greater, turning into terrible conflicts and scandals.

I tried to reconcile everyone as best as I could. I once asked them, “Why are you so evil?” We are a family.

“Don’t mess with other people’s families; what do you care about how we behave?” they said.

As a result, I discovered that I did not have a family. The next day, I packed up my things and left the house. I’m glad I have a good friend Gabriella. I used to live next door to my former classmate. She had only one son, who lived in the capital and rarely came home. Gabriella welcomed me with open arms.

She listened to my story and said I could stay with her forever. After all, family is not about blood but attitude, respect, and love.

I stopped talking to my family. For the first time, they were just happy that I was gone.

Now they live the life they want. Later, I found out they had a final fight. As a result, they had to sell the apartment and buy two separate ones. After that, they didn’t talk much.

My current situation doesn’t bother me—no big deal. However, I become more sensitive to my current situation whenever I think back to my evil family. However, I do not judge them.

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I have a big but odd family.