I hurt my mother’s feelings by celebrating our wedding anniversary in a restaurant without her.

My mother felt offended by us and now ceases to speak to us and is confined to her room. We just wanted to spend a romantic evening with her. How we manage to live on, I do not understand.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to establish a common language with my mother. She does not understand me at all and always finds an excuse to insult me. She employs constant manipulations, contrived abuses, and ignores our words.

In a few years, my mother became a widow. We persuaded her to sell the farmhouse and move to live with us. This was so that she would not be alone and help us with the child we dreamed of having. My mother has always worked in childcare with children and would significantly help us.

My mother agreed to move as she did not wish to be alone. As a result, the farmhouse was quickly sold. We also sold our two-bedroom apartment. With the proceeds, we purchased a beautiful three-bedroom apartment we renovated, and my mother received her room.

And life carried on. We worked all day, pursuing careers that brought us money. There was no time to welcome a child, so I decided to wait. My mother cleaned the apartment, walked our dog Nikita, and then cooked dinner for all of us.

During the family dinner after work, most of the conversation did not stick; we ate quickly and went about our business. I usually sit down to relax and watch TV after a tiring day of work, and my wife and her mother-in-law gather at the table, clean, and go to their respective corners.

Despite the presence of neighbors and friends, she misses the warm gatherings and heartfelt conversations with her family. 

“Oh, mom, but I don’t want you to spread rumors about our neighbors.” This is something I tell my mom all of the time.

Her daughter-in-law, Olivia, is also always in trouble, as she does not have time to talk to my mother about rumors about our neighbors.

We once celebrated our wedding anniversary here, and I surprised Olivia by booking a reservation at her favorite Italian restaurant. I sent flowers. Everything went smoothly. I informed my mother that we would not have dinner at home today since we wanted to celebrate together. Mom had already purchased goodies and hurriedly prepared the feast to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

I told my mother I had other plans, and she was furious that her opinion was not considered. I told her that she thought there would be three of us celebrating our wedding anniversary.

On vacation with Olivia, we went to the sea. Due to my mother’s attitude, she no longer communicates with us, and as a result, she is alone in her room. She wanted to go with us, but we went alone. Everything was beautiful at the hotel, and we enjoyed peace, the sun, and the ocean. I could forget all my troubles, but when we returned home, the refrigerator was empty, and my mother was nowhere to be seen.

Once again, my mother’s feelings were hurt. This time, we did not invite her on holiday with us. After all, she had not gone on vacation for a long time and had not seen the ocean. So she packed up and moved in with her best friend, Nancy. We were shocked. My mother has been living separately for two months.

Our family recently learned that Olivia is pregnant and expecting a baby. We wanted to solicit assistance from my mother, but she said she would not return to her family and would not help. Let us solve the family’s problems ourselves if we do not require her. And once a week, she would visit her grandson or granddaughter.

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I hurt my mother’s feelings by celebrating our wedding anniversary in a restaurant without her.